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The Power of Friendliness

Man is a gifted creature with the ability to connect, synergize and thrive through mutuality. Naturally, this is the best way forward. None of us is smarter that all of us. However, while many of us know that we are better off when we work in a
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Leaders are Valuable.

Nations are guided by their leaders. Companies too have charismatic leaders who lead from the front, and when they have grown to a certain stature... they even groom and place their kids on the ladder of leadership. Is a leader as valuable as he
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Big fish in a small pond?

Most leaders get complacent being the big guy in a small company. The really smart leaders realize that there is more to be learned outside the organization. What kind of person are you... the one who wants to be a big fish.... in a small pond, or a
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To lead, we must listen.

The best leaders are supposed to be the best speakers. However, there is one attribute of communication that is even more powerful for every leader. The power to LISTEN. Here is my blog that covers this very important topic. http://ianfariablog.
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Run Light - Fly High

One of the biggest challenges we face is deleting unwanted files from our mental hard disks. This blog is about how we should delete the negatives of the past, before we can fly to a new tomorrow. The lighter we run... the higher we will fly. 
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The power of the Present

Many of us get stuck... either cursing or upset about the past, or worrying about what the future holds. Both strategies are fraught with danger. Anything that has to be accomplished... has to be done in the NOW! This simple, effective bolg shows
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Changing Mindset

How long does it take to change one's life?                                  
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Understanding Moods and Emotions

We somehow manage to control things around us.  Yet, our biggest challenge - is to control things inside us.
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Speaking and Confidence

Is there a connection between Confidence and Success? What are the Worst Fears? What is Glossophobia? It is the fear of Public Speaking. Well ... having trained a few thousand people in the soft skills that lead to success, I can
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Understand you MOODS

Emotions can Make us or Break us. Are you aware of your emotions and how they control and determine how you go through life? The power of Emotions have adequately been shared by Daniel Goleman, Victor Frankl, Martin Seligman and others. But on a day