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NASA's 2020 rover will land in an ancient, dried-up lakebed to hunt for past life on Mars

NASA's next car-sized rover will plummet through the thin Martian atmosphere and softly land on the floor of a dried-up lakebed, the space agency announced Monday. When the robot arrives on Mars about 8 months after its launch in 2020, NASA will
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Peter Jackson is on the hunt to find out why New Zealand is left off maps

New Zealanders aren't cool with being left off world maps. In a follow-up ad by Tourism New Zealand, Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson joins the Flight of the Conchords' Rhys Darby to try and figure out why the country is consistently
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Judge halts grizzly hunting because Yellowstone bears need to find more diverse sex partners

The grizzly bears are spared from hunting, for now.  For as low as $600 per hunting permit, grizzly bears were scheduled to be legally hunted in Wyoming beginning on Sept. 1, making it the first such hunt in over four decades. But after first
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A New Employer Branding Tactic: Using Webinars to Attract Talent

Talent-acquisition teams are always on the hunt for new ways of attracting top talent. When new tactics are also free and effective, all the better. One company we ran across recently has used webinars to attract and convert talent. The...
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Can AI make house hunting easier? Zillow is going for it.

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter, and with those smarts comes application. It's now used in some surprising areas, from arcade games to law contracts to therapy to pornography. Real estate is the next area AI is conquering, and first up on
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Police hunt for missing 'Iron Man' suit

Someone check on the Vulture, there's an Iron Man suit missing. Los Angeles police have confirmed they're investigating a missing Iron Man suit, which disappeared from a prop warehouse in LA's Pacoima neighborhood, reports the LA Times. SEE ALSO:
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Footprints provide clues to how humans stalked and hunted giant sloths

Among the glistening dunes of New Mexico's White Sands National Monument, scientists have been taken aback by the discovery of footprints. The footprints belong to the extinct giant ground sloth, measuring seven to eight feet tall when on its hind
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A NASA spacecraft that hunts for alien worlds will soon run out of fuel

NASA's Kepler spacecraft has been peering deep into the Milky Way galaxy for nearly a decade. It has spotted over 2,500 confirmed planets orbiting distant stars, and over 2,500 more possible worlds are waiting to be confirmed. Thirty of these
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Trump administration nixes ban on hunted elephant tusks being carried into the U.S.

In November 2017, President Donald Trump called the hunting of elephants for their trophy tusks a "horror show." It appeared that Trump, who lacks stable policy positions on many issues, strongly opposed the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's (FWS)
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Startups Are Tribal – Are You A Shaman Or A Hunter?

A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes. Startups, much like ancient tribes, are comprised of a small number of people who band together […] The post Startups Are Tribal – Are You A Shaman Or A Hunter? appeared first on