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When the Future Arrives, What Role Will HR Have?

The future is scary when you have no idea what’s coming — but that doesn’t mean companies and their human resources teams are powerless in preparing themselves. It’s time for HR departments to play a key role in not only...
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The Surprising Way AI Is Making Engagement More Human

Artificial intelligence and human resources may seem like strange allies at first glance. Artificial intelligence (AI) calls to mind words such as “cold,” “robotic,” and “automated,” while human resources (HR) is
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Here’s What You Need to Attract and Keep Your Young Talent

Are you having trouble recruiting and retaining young talent? Recruitment has been an ongoing concern for human resources for a number of years, particularly with regards to the younger generation. It has recently come to light that more and more...
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Simplify Your Social Media Recruitment By Building Your Own Chatbot

Today, human resource staff focus more on strategizing and satisfying employees’ needs than on administration and recruiting, which were the cornerstones of HR work in a previous era. HR professionals are taking on a much more meaningful role in
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Zooming: A Way to Change Focus to Gain New Insights

As human resources professionals have embraced the business partner role and become more involved with helping managers leverage the talents of their group, leadership has risen as a focus of their work. This may take the form of group or...
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HR a Profit Center? Seriously!

For years, I’ve read articles about the human resource (HR) department as a “revenue center.” They go something like, “We built this program and extrapolated some nebulous ROI and look how valuable we are – I swear.
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How AI Is Improving Recruiting and Hiring

The HR technology landscape has been transformed in just a few short years. From advances in ATS software to the emergence of cloud-based systems and gamification-influenced platforms, hiring is one of the most explosive spaces for innovation.
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3 Reasons SMBs Might Consider Outsourcing Recruitment

The idea of companies outsourcing key business services is gaining traction like never before. Small businesses, midsized companies and large conglomerates continue to integrate third-party solutions into their operations. And this adoption couldn
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Stop the Employee Engagement Survey Madness

Millions of words have been written about employee engagement, and over a billion dollars is spent annually in the US alone on employee engagement surveys and improvement interventions. Yet the needle has essentially not budged in over 15 years. In
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HR Roundtable: What Keeps HR and Marketing Apart?

This month’s Roundtable (in Cincinnati) took the chance to cross business lines and discuss the relationship, or lack of one, between HR and marketing. It was time to start having more of these discussions of HR within a business context, and