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6 Ways to Challenge and Influence Hiring Managers

If you ask a recruiter who their primary customer is, they will most likely tell you that it is the hiring manager. Indeed, they are core to any recruiter’s work and success. Without a hiring manager, there is no work,...
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If a PEO Isn’t Right For Your Start-Up, Here Are Some Alternatives

Hiring an HR professional is typically at the bottom of a start-up’s to-do list despite the very real risks forgoing this “to-do” poses. There’s no clear verdict on when hiring in-house HR talent is a must —
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It’s Time to Hire a Different Kind of HR Leader

Last month, I spoke with a former human resources director who had recently quit her high-paying job at a large company where she felt required to treat people with suspicion, devoid of dignity. She simply couldn’t take it anymore. Facing...
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SHRM CEO Hank Jackson to Retire

Henry Jackson, leader of the Society for Human Resource Management since 2010, will retire at the end of the year. “Hank Jackson has made lasting contributions to SHRM and the HR profession,” said Coretha Rushing, chair of SHRM’s
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Financial Wellness Benefits the Company and the Employee

Alright, so that’s not exactly new information. However, the way employers are (finally) responding to their employees’ financial pressures is exciting news. A 2016 Virgin Pulse survey found that 27% of companies are planning to provide
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How HR Can Help the Organization Learn To Learn

How about organizational learning? Today’s complex and changing world requires continuous learning within organizations in order to be competitive, and there is no better leader for learning than HR. Often though, HR professionals place
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Tomorrow’s CHROs Will Be Career HR Professionals

Many current chief human resource officers (CHROs) have professional backgrounds outside of HR. A recent study by Aon, which captured insights from 45 CHROs at leading global organizations, revealed that more than half are not career HR
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How the Knowledge Economy Is Completely Redefining HR

The “knowledge economy,” coined in 1967 in Peter Drucker’s The Effective Executive, has marked the transition from the production-centric model of the Industrial Age (think Henry Ford’s assembly line) to a new structure
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Making HR a Key Differentiator — and a Driver of Customer Satisfaction, Too

What is the purpose of Human Resource management? Is it to administrate brains, send them letters and pay them? Or, is it to connect brains, drive innovation and delight customers? The answer is both. The real question is: Why are so many HR
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Human Resource Management Systems: What is a good alternative to Resumator? My current issues: lack of archiving, lack of task management. Discuss please :)

From: Via: My answer to What is a good alternative to Resumator? My current issues: lack of archiving, lack of task management.… out