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Nirbhaya Movement- Why more such will happen- The times are changing.

The Nirbhaya movement across the country following the gang rape of a girl in Delhi has certainly foxed the authorities. They are wondering how so many people could come out and protest, there must be someone organising all this, trying to foment
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5 Ways to Uncover a Job Candidate’s Hidden Strengths & Weaknesses

Recruiting is easy, but talent hiring is tough. When you’re recruiting, you’re looking at concrete facts – the applicant’s work history, experience in the field, education and availability. But talent hiring? That
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Low Cost Recruitment Strategies

Just found an intersting and useful blog on how to source candidates in low cost ways. For SMEs or multinationals, this article will give you tips on low cost strategies for hiring new staff....       Read more of this
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The power of we

A famous organist was performing a concert on a huge antique organ in front of a large audience. The bellows were hand-pumped by a boy seated behind a screen, unseen by any in the vast audito­rium. The first part of the performance went very
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Rethinking the Fundamentals of an Organisation, Leadership and Life- Ricardo Semler at MITSloan

Ricardo Semler has run Semco Industries in an unconventional manner for 25+ years, averaging 27% growth annually. Teams select their own leaders, there are no job titles, quite a large number of the team set their own salaries. His books "
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The Open World, gives us a chance to rebuild our institutions.

Today we are surrounded by technology, which is rapidly changing the way we do things, without us even realising it. With the ability to share information easily and the ability to collaborate, there is a wonderful opportunity for us to change the
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A job seeker's perplexity!

Sometimes I wonder if one needs to be a mystic to land a dream job in a dream company! There are times when I feel one just cannot be completely honest and truthful to land a good role! There are many times I have told myself and maybe even
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PRINCE2 - a robust Project Management methodology

First things first – what is Project Management? A project by definition is a temporary organisation or an actionable team that function with a defined beginning and marked ending, functioning within constraints such as scope, time and
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Look beyond human resources to find a job

A big stack of my mail comes from frustrated people who have tried very hard to find jobs without success.  With the slow economic recovery, it's still mighty tough out there. As I researched my last book, Use Your Head To Get
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Leveraging the Generation Differences in Leadership

 Today’s workplace comprises of three generations of leaders.Baby Boomers (BB) – those born between the years 1945 – 1960Generation X (GX) – those born between the years 1961 – 1981Generation Y (GY) – those born between the years 1981 – 1994;