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Rethinking the Fundamentals of an Organisation, Leadership and Life- Ricardo Semler at MITSloan

Ricardo Semler has run Semco Industries in an unconventional manner for 25+ years, averaging 27% growth annually. Teams select their own leaders, there are no job titles, quite a large number of the team set their own salaries. His books "
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The Open World, gives us a chance to rebuild our institutions.

Today we are surrounded by technology, which is rapidly changing the way we do things, without us even realising it. With the ability to share information easily and the ability to collaborate, there is a wonderful opportunity for us to change the
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A job seeker's perplexity!

Sometimes I wonder if one needs to be a mystic to land a dream job in a dream company! There are times when I feel one just cannot be completely honest and truthful to land a good role! There are many times I have told myself and maybe even
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PRINCE2 - a robust Project Management methodology

First things first – what is Project Management? A project by definition is a temporary organisation or an actionable team that function with a defined beginning and marked ending, functioning within constraints such as scope, time and
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Look beyond human resources to find a job

A big stack of my mail comes from frustrated people who have tried very hard to find jobs without success.  With the slow economic recovery, it's still mighty tough out there. As I researched my last book, Use Your Head To Get
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Leveraging the Generation Differences in Leadership

 Today’s workplace comprises of three generations of leaders.Baby Boomers (BB) – those born between the years 1945 – 1960Generation X (GX) – those born between the years 1961 – 1981Generation Y (GY) – those born between the years 1981 – 1994;
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Leaderless organisations can be unstoppable

Wikileaks being Prosecuted and how naturally a stronger Whistle blower platform will emerge. All the force that the US government is using to shut down Wikileaks, possibly will only lead to the creation of even better platforms for whistle blowers.
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Retain or Recruit?

It is generally considered prudent to retain an employee, when there are symptoms that he is going to quit  than to replace him  with a new recruit. My experience has been on the contrary. Once an employee settles down and the
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The key to Motivation

Financial Rewards can cause a negative impact on overall performance. The traditional approach to motivation is the carrot and stick approach. This worked very well in the 20th century when most tasks were predictable. Today a lot more is required
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Retailing - Revival of PodCasting to train people

Ok here is a pop quiz for you! How many mobile phones are there in India? Would you believe it if I tell you 650 million! And over 10 million handsets are smart-phones. Actually, this presents an unique opportunity to disseminate training