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A Contrarian View of MITx: What Are We Doing!?

From:   By: Woodie Flowers Via: Paper textbooks, monologues, & passive learning are on the way out. We should be
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'Dark' Personality Traits Can Help People Rise Through Ranks

From: Via: Ever wondered how a co-worker worked their way up company ranks with seemingly little talent? have identified
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Labor v Capital Dodgeball VI

From: Via: RT @hunterwalk: Labor v Capital Dodgeball VI #LvC6 w @davidhornik @kevinweil for having us! Had blast. Look forward to next
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41 Timeless Ways to Screw Up Direct Marketing

From: Via: 41 Timeless Ways to Screw Up Direct Marketing: #scientific #marketerScrew Up the Control GroupsDon't keep a control
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Human Resource Management Systems: What is a good alternative to Resumator? My current issues: lack of archiving, lack of task management. Discuss please :)

From: Via: My answer to What is a good alternative to Resumator? My current issues: lack of archiving, lack of task management.… out
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TrainingPayback® » SMMConnect » Welcome Page » robertcialdini_jan23

From: Via: RT @davestei: Rehearsing now with @RobertCialdini for upcoming webinar about influence: Gonna be a great one.Recording
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Are You the Smartest Person in the Room? Let's Hope Not.

From: Recommended by: Anjana Vivek This article touches on on how one can benefit from hiring persons who are smarter than oneself. Surrounding oneself with smart persons does have a rub-
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Free eBook – Managing Digital Marketing Teams: Trends and Best Practices

From: Via: Free eBook: "The Brilliant Manager's Guide to Building Digital Marketing Teams for 2014 and Beyond" #getitFree Digital
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10 Reasons HR Is Important to an Organization

From: Recommended by: Swetha Diwakar I have found this link important to be read by Entrepreneurs or Decision makers to realise the necessity of Human Resources in any growing organisations
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Michael Mauboussin on the 'Success Equation'

From: Recommended by: Dinakar Murthy Krishna I found this article very interesting and can provide a lot of insights into success. Many a times most of us believe to be very highly