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Developing the right kind of training plan for your organization

The statement, “An organization is as good as the people it employees” rings more true today than ever before. And every professional manager knows that planned and sustained training is the only way any organisation can have good people
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Managing People and Performance in Troubled Times

Moderated by : Jai Xavier Prabhu David, Editor at Large, businesgyan   Panel Participants : Indira Bharadwaj, Hewitt Associates   S V Nathan, Director – HR, Philips Software   Mervyn, Country Head, Mercer
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Transforming personal culture into organisational culture

Values. Culture. Leadership. Ethics. We could bet that you would not catch a HR professional buzzing one of these words these days. While the increased focus on culture and values is a testament of the times and the current business environment, it
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A guide to effective mass recruiting

Slowdown or no slowdown, companies particularly those in the technology space are often required to hire talent in large numbers for a new project, division or initiative. Though seemingly simple at the outset, doing the same in such a manner for
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The Employee Provident Fund and linked schemes though an integral part of the compensation package a

The Employee Provident Fund and linked schemes though an integral part of the compensation package are not often fully understood, thus the relevance of this article.   Basically, The Employee’s Provident Funds and Miscellaneous
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All about the ESI Scheme

The Employees State Insurance (ESI) Scheme has been formulated by the government with the objective of providing medical treatment and appropriate compensation of remuneration against leave without wages to employees during times of sickness,
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Employee bonds - getting your act right

All of us are aware of the high attrition rate prevalent in knowledge industries particularly, Information Technology (IT). Wherein a company recruits fresh graduates and provides them intensive training for executing a particular project. After a
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Redefining recruitment aptitude tests

“…An organization’s ability to learn, share that learning, and then act on that learning is absolutely the biggest competitive advantage that an organization has…” Human capital is arguably the most treasured and
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Latest HR trends in a capsule

Salary Increases will be much less this year in India - After the dotcom rubble and the USA slow down, this year seems not very promising for both recruiters and job seekers. The dream salary freshers had thought of, is going to remain a pipe dream
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Get your start-up people equation, right!!!

People are key. People are core to any organization’s success. And people are the competitive advantage or tangible assets of any knowledge organization. How many times each of us would have heard this before? While it is true that start-up HR