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Through the microscope

Here is a check list of dos and donts’ for both interviewers and interviewee Interviewing is a process where the Employer tries to evaluate the credentials of the candidates which will help in deciding the ‘Right Fit’ for the
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Understanding psychometrics

Psychometric tests can certainly help in the recruitment process if handled by trained users. The chances of an individual being asked, or more likely, required to take a psychometric test at some time in their working life is extremely high
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Selecting the right people - practical tips and guidelines

Xavier: Good evening and a warm welcome to all of you. I would like to thank, Vinay Deshpande particularly for taking the time off to be here. It is really our privilege that people like him often consent to be on our panel thus allowing us to
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The social edge

To excel in your chosen profession, social skils are as important as technical expertise Indian entrepreneurs and businessmen may excel in their specific technical field but this skill often deserts them during social and public interactions.
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Collaborative Settings

Team Talk “‘Team’ and ‘struggle’ are two words I hear a lot,” says a researcher who has listened to managers, facility planners, and team members from a diverse group of companies talk about their efforts to
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Team Leader Selection The Democratic Way

The Top performer may not be the best person suitable to be a Team Lead. Read on for insights on how one can go about finding the right people, which includes a vote from team members. In an industry where flat structures are the norm, where the
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Selling The Wheel A glimpse of different selling techniques

“Selling is the defining function in any commercial enterprise. The sales effort makes all other activity possible. It’s the gateway to prosperity.” Says Jack Carew in his latest book called the MENTOR Every commercial
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Outline of organizational designs & structures and linkage to innovation

Talking of innovation, it needs to be noted that when applied in the organizational context, the term innovation cannot be used to describe individual instances that are more the exception than the rule. Innovation needs to be institutionalized
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Recruiting Right to win business in Global markets

Marshall Mcluhan’s “Global Village”, actually begins in our backyard.  We have managed to conquer time and space in the last century with giant strides in communication and aviation.  The whole world today is a
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First year itch - the HR perspective

Book after book, movie after movie speaks of the urban horror of work.  Whether it is Lester Burnham in “American Beauty” or Dilbert in Scott Adam’s “Dilbert” or even the famed Peter of “Office Space”,