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Globalize HR

Companies have to develop a consistent, global management style. Then spruce it with local flavor for its success. If business cartels wants to continue the steady and rapid march toward a truly global economy, their main focus should be a more
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Assessment Centres

Their Relevance in the Corporate Sector Not many people know this. But traditionally Assessment Centres have been associated with the armed forces. It does not take any leap of imagination to understand the fact that the armed forces of any
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The Talent Myth Are smart people overrated? - Part 3

Continued from previous issue... Curiously, however, only the ones who believed in malleable intelligence expressed interest in the class. The students who believed that their intelligence was a fixed trait were so concerned about appearing to
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The Talent Myth Are smart people overrated? - Part 2

Continued from Previous Issue In one oft-told story, Louise Kitchin, a twenty-nine-year-old gas trader in Europe, became convinced that the company ought to develop an online-trading business. She told her boss, and she began working in her
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Leading in a Global Environment

In the 1990's GE was identified as one of the companies with best practice for managing change.  The Confederation of Indian Industry recently held a Seminar on ‘Judgment Calls: Developing Leaders to compete in a Challenging Global
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The Talent Myth- Are smart people overrated? Part 1

  At the heart of the McKinsey vision is a process that the War for Talent advocates refer to as "diferentiation and affirmation." Employers, they argue, need to sit down once or twice a year and hold a "candid, probing, no-
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What and Who Needs Sharpening?

Knowledge without doubt is the key for competitiveness and the tremendous growth companies have experienced. Sunder Rajan, Director- HR, Flextronics Software Systems was speaking at Sharpening the Saw , an event conducted by TAPMI in
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The Learning Organization

According to me, a learning organization is an interface between organizational learning and individual learning. In any industry in today's world, the issue is not employment but employability. How does an organization help an individual
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Methods to get the Edge

Three aspects that need to be discussed are - 1.  What gives us the edge? 2.  What can we do to maintain the edge? 3.  What can organizations do to help people get that edge? Fundamentally, there
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Belongingness for Retention

A capsule on some of the best thoughts on what companies are doing to cope with the retention issues. With a variety of opportunities for talented people and higher salaries, retaining people has become a big problem for companies especially in