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Harnessing Human Capital for Performance Excellence

"How to transform HR practices to cope with the constant market dynamics and prepare the enterprises to face the challenges from a knowledge economy globally." - Was the over all flavor of the HR Summit organized by IHRD.  
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United we rule, divided – you know what happens

. What makes a team great and how does a leader go about building one? Read on to decipher the intricacies involved in handling teams and nurturing talent. This absorbing discussion on ‘Challenges in Team Building and Talent Management
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Recruiting sales professionals in organisations

  Importance Of Sales Function In Any Organization "Let me see if I understand you correctly: your livelihood depends upon your sales efforts - and you don't like to do it. Is that right?"- Anon   This
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The Changing Role of HR

In the ‘90s the role of HR was primarily accepted to be that of a support and an administrative one. The HR professionals focussed on activities and deliverables. The decision makers of companies also thought it to be sufficient to have them
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The Mind of the Leader

  For the fifteenth NASSCOM Leadership summit 2007 in Mumbai, the CEP spotlight session was on the topic: The Mind of the Leader, what makes them tick. The panelists who conversed with Delhi Bureau Chief and Associate Editor-Political
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Nurturing Assets: People

Is India entering a phase when its biggest asset- people, would become its most debilitating liability?It is estimated that 70 million people would be added to India's working population in the next 5 years. Is this tremendous resource being
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Globalize HR

Companies have to develop a consistent, global management style. Then spruce it with local flavor for its success. If business cartels wants to continue the steady and rapid march toward a truly global economy, their main focus should be a more
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Assessment Centres

Their Relevance in the Corporate Sector Not many people know this. But traditionally Assessment Centres have been associated with the armed forces. It does not take any leap of imagination to understand the fact that the armed forces of any
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The Talent Myth Are smart people overrated? - Part 3

Continued from previous issue... Curiously, however, only the ones who believed in malleable intelligence expressed interest in the class. The students who believed that their intelligence was a fixed trait were so concerned about appearing to
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The Talent Myth Are smart people overrated? - Part 2

Continued from Previous Issue In one oft-told story, Louise Kitchin, a twenty-nine-year-old gas trader in Europe, became convinced that the company ought to develop an online-trading business. She told her boss, and she began working in her