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4 steps to creating delight.

  Simple, easy to follow solutions for creating employee delight in every organisation from...   Sudheesh Venkatesh, Head HR, TESCO. Here he also shares what works at Tesco and what does not work at Tesco with regard to
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Who is your HR Strategist?

Much has been said on every HR forum about the changing role of HR from an operational support provider to that of a strategist. Here I would like to argue that most HR managers are neither empowered nor equipped to play that role. Perhaps the
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Learning for the Future

In the present corporate climate companies getting together on a platform to learn and share the knowledge and the best practices in the Industry is welcome. This is also important as organizations get an opportunity to understand and get better
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HR for new generation

The burning issue today is how to deal with the generation E - those born  in the 90s. This was the topic covered by Dr T.V Rao, Founder President of the National HRD Network. He emphasized on the change in the paradigm whereby complaining
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Human Resource and the Role with Six Sigma

Chances are you've heard of Six Sigma, perhaps in connection with General Electric, the company that made it popular in the 1990s. You may even know that Six Sigma uses statistical techniques to improve processes in both manufacturing and
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The Role of a Business Analyst

A "Business Analyst" (BA) is a role that can mean different things to different people. In some companies, the BA plays a technical role with very little business knowledge; while in other companies, the BA has a full understanding of the business
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HR Outsourcing defined - An overview

HR Outsourcing Company The task of a HR outsourcing company is to provide high potential personnel for short term projects with compatible payroll package to curb company costs and keep the headcount down. HR outsourcing company understands
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Valuable EMPLOYEE.

Its that time of the year that every employee looks with trepidation, Appraisal time. Excellent work Sanjana, you're our star performer and we want to show our appreciation by giving you a 50% hike !!   Wow that's what you
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Nurture the Intrapreneur Within

People management in the SMBs has not always been on their top priority list. The importance of People management has long been ignored by many. This has lead to a lot of instability in smaller organizations where financial constraints already exist
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Getting the DNA right

Dr. Mrityunjay, GM-HRD, WIPRO ltd. spoke about the  4 pillars that  supports the DNA of WIPRO and keep his organization strong and healthy. Values: WIPRO's values are solid and these values flow right from the top management. These