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Hello, I am Manager working with HRI Foundation, a professional not for profit body based out of Bangalore.  I manage the following blogs - Best HR Blog - HR news bought to you
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Labour Laws for Service Industries

To ensure and monitor compliance under Labour Laws it is important to evolve a set of Mandatory and Best practices for your organisation. Needless to say that Ignorance is not bliss under law.  Labour Law Reforms however seems to be the need of
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IIIT-Bangalore hosts NEN’s Placement Day Zero

A first-of-its-kind recruitment event to help startups hire talented students NEN Placement Day Zero, brought together over 80 students from the graduating M-Tech batch and ten prescreened startups to interact with each other in a low-
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CII Organizes 1st Annual Session of its Visionary Leaders for Manufacturing Program in Mumbai

The Visionary Leaders for Manufacturing (VLFM) Program, a Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) initiative, is a pathbreaking program aimed at creating a critical mass of 250 Visionary Leaders over a three year period. These Visionary Leaders are
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Leveraging technology for HR effectiveness

Get an insight into the corporate changing needs in the HR sector and the advantage a company can gain by leveraging technology..........   Mr Sudheesh Venkatesh, Head -HR ,Tesco HSC speaking on the benefits of technology highlighted
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A worthwhile Investment

Creating employee delight is beneficial and fruitful for employees as well as for employer. It translates into employees who are a delight to work with, it is worthwhile to invest significantly in this process as it leads to higher employee
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4 steps to creating delight.

  Simple, easy to follow solutions for creating employee delight in every organisation from...   Sudheesh Venkatesh, Head HR, TESCO. Here he also shares what works at Tesco and what does not work at Tesco with regard to
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Who is your HR Strategist?

Much has been said on every HR forum about the changing role of HR from an operational support provider to that of a strategist. Here I would like to argue that most HR managers are neither empowered nor equipped to play that role. Perhaps the
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Learning for the Future

In the present corporate climate companies getting together on a platform to learn and share the knowledge and the best practices in the Industry is welcome. This is also important as organizations get an opportunity to understand and get better
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HR for new generation

The burning issue today is how to deal with the generation E - those born  in the 90s. This was the topic covered by Dr T.V Rao, Founder President of the National HRD Network. He emphasized on the change in the paradigm whereby complaining