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Start Imagining a Future of Human + Machine

“In the first wave of transformation, businesses standardized processes. Think Henry Ford and the assembly line, where steps in the overall process were broken down, measured, and optimized to achieve gains in efficiency. The second wave of
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Google Lens will attempt to identify your pet's breed

Snapping someone's pooch on the sly? Instead of asking a human being, learn what breed their pet is later with Google's new Lens. If you're using Google Photos across across Android and iOS, you can use Lens to identify animal breeds from your snaps
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Stock photos show transgender people in a whole new light — as simply being human

A woman stands in her bra and knickers with a tube of mascara clasped between her hands. At first glance, this photo looks like a snapshot of an average morning routine. But, look closely, and you’ll see the words “HUMAN BEING”
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A new YouTube Kids app will use human curators to protect your young ones

YouTube might have finally figured out a way to keep creepy, exploitative videos away from children using the YouTube Kids app: Human curators. An upcoming, technically-not-yet-confirmed new version of the app eliminates the algorithm that selects
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Ted Cruz won't even confirm that he is human

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is many things: elected official, liker of Twitter porn, awkward hugger, Simpsons hater, memeable face haver, possible native Canadian, potential son of JFK assassination conspirator, and maybe, just maybe, the Zodiac killer
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There's a whole meme community that doesn't think Mark Zuckerberg is human

There's a whole subreddit poking fun at Mark Zuckerberg's supposed power complex.  The Facebook CEO is currently in some hot water for the Cambridge Analytica data mining scandal, and the company has been a PR nightmare as people delete their
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How did what could be the largest human organ elude us until 2018?

Back when he was a young student in medical school some 30 years ago, pathologist Neil Theise wasn't taught much about a common, widespread connective tissue in human bodies. Scientists assumed it was just a typical connective tissue, so they didn't
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This creepy looking 'alien' is actually a human being

The ‘Atacama Skeleton’ is only 6 inches tall with a bone maturity of a 6-year-old. This has led scientists to believe that 'Ata' was a fetus with a rapid bone growth mutation. Some skeptics still think she might be a galactic visitor
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In the farms of the future, tractors will no longer require human drivers

California-based startup Bear Flag Robotics is developing an automation kit that turns regular tractors into driverless vehicles. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Silicon Valley, Autonomous Vehicles, Driverless, and Kit
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Forget the cooking — how come Antoni smells weird sh*t in each episode of Queer Eye?

If you're a human who's been alive in 2018, chances are there is one mystery you've pondered for a significant portion of the year so far: Can Antoni Porowski cook? Antoni is the food and wine expert on Netflix's new show Queer Eye,  a reboot