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A poor second

Inability to retain and nurture employees may prove to be a big hurdle for the future of ITES If you happen to open any newspaper I’m sure you will not be surprised to find some news about the ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services
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Stress management in call center industry

Stress is the omnipresent and omniscient factor permeating every fabric of a person’s life. It is unavoidable. There are some career paths where stress comes as a package with the job description.   Call centers and BPOs have
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Leveraging your core competencies

The aftermath of the 9/11 bombing saw every industry going through a worldwide recession. But there was an exception- IT Enabled Services(ITES). It showed a steady growth. At the moment, in India, the industry is at crossroads. It is the most
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Managing talent - an HR predicament

Since IT Enabled Services is mainly a people oriented industry, the role of an HR manager is all the more crucial. Recruitments and attrition are major problems plaguing the industry. As the say, in a call center the front and the back doors are
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Measure Twice, Cut Once

Migration is an important stepping-stone in timely delivery of business processing tasks Measure twice, cut once, the famous carpenter’s rule, is finding renewed application in the ITES space. In an industry where service standards and
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Waking up the Volunteer in each one of us

I have often wondered where the energy to do outstanding work comes from. The wonder gets magnified a thousand times when I interact with voluntary organisations such as Rotary, Toastmasters, or associations like IFMA and HR in India. Members put in
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First year itch - the HR perspective

Book after book, movie after movie speaks of the urban horror of work.  Whether it is Lester Burnham in “American Beauty” or Dilbert in Scott Adam’s “Dilbert” or even the famed Peter of “Office Space”,
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Managing People and Performance in Troubled Times

Moderated by : Jai Xavier Prabhu David, Editor at Large, businesgyan   Panel Participants : Indira Bharadwaj, Hewitt Associates   S V Nathan, Director – HR, Philips Software   Mervyn, Country Head, Mercer
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Transforming personal culture into organisational culture

Values. Culture. Leadership. Ethics. We could bet that you would not catch a HR professional buzzing one of these words these days. While the increased focus on culture and values is a testament of the times and the current business environment, it
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The Employee Provident Fund and linked schemes though an integral part of the compensation package a

The Employee Provident Fund and linked schemes though an integral part of the compensation package are not often fully understood, thus the relevance of this article.   Basically, The Employee’s Provident Funds and Miscellaneous