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Managing a Professional's Health Care

A professional’s healthcare includes issues such as preventive medical check ups, best practices in medicine, lifestyle related problems, stress management, technology adoption and ergonomics. We invited experts to air their views on these
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Protecting the programmer's productivity

Sustaining the programmer’s productivity is very important not just for the programmer, but also for the company. The programmer’s productivity has become a matter of concern to every company in the IT industry. We would like to
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How to make your employees love you

As a HR manager, that must be the top question on your mind. We bring to you some insights of S S Kalyanpur, MD, Human Resource Centre. Did you know that:   1. The most difficult time to retain and motivate employees is during
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Ask the right questions

You may be the giver of the job, but you too need to sit up and do some thinking about conducting a good interview. For, there are too many headhunters in the market and perhaps not as many right heads. Choosing the right candidate is important
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Towards a better work atmosphere

What is the top most concern of a job seeker? Is it stability, satisfaction, pay package, or top brands? How to deal with the aspiring manager syndrome? How to assess a candidate’s technical as well as soft skills in just a half-an-hour
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Managing the human resource better

A company has not much to worry if it can acquire and retain talented and committed persons. Because profits are got not by magic, but by your employees’ hard work. As more and more technological and biotechnological advances manifest
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Succession Planning

Succession planning is crucial for HR managers seeking to retain talent within the firm. Some true horror stories:   1.  A person, let's say ‘N', became the CMD of a dynamic Rs100 crore telecom company. He had
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The homerun

  How companies can help employees make the right ‘moves.’ In the last six months, at least 10,000 positions for trainees and junior level executives, and more than 3000 positions for middle management level, have been
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Self Reliance And The Dormant Indian Psyche

Until we change this psyche of ours into becoming players rather than spectators, entrepreneurs instead of workers, risk takers and doers instead of wait-and-watchers, we will continue to be a nation that is only developing. Fifty six years
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Competency Mapping

Competency mapping tailored to your organization is necessary to train, define and retain talent in a company As the software industry is bouncing back after a long recession, human resource anagers are gearing up for another round of hectic