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The New Collective Genius

We should remember that the best companies have always allowed an individual in an organization to be involved in solving problems. This is surely a billion dollar question in business. How do best companies in the world produce successful
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HR's Evolving role

HR departments have moved beyond attracting, selecting, training, retaining and using employees to a more strategic focus. They have become the ‘generalists’ and ‘specialists’ in the organization who manage human capital and
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Jobseekers take Heart

Each year with over 3 million fresh graduates from 13,000 colleges across India, the process of selection is rather a time consuming and a costly exercise One intriguing thought, “If technology has been making our lives easier, why is life
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The New world of Knowledge

Ideas, Knowledge and Intellect and a Chief financial Officer to maintain it - is the composition of a future organization “The Intellectual Capital is the firm’s biggest asset”. How many times have we heard statements like
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Redefining Career

To enable management students acquire practical knowledge, Businessgyan in alliance with the HR-in-India Association is organizing a lecture series called ‘Igniting Minds’ in various B-schools across Bangalore.   In the
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Getting the first step right

Congratulations! You’re starting a new job. You’ve survived the emotional fits and starts of the hiring process. Now, brimming with confidence, you arrive for the first day of work secure in the knowledge that of all the candidates, you
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Who's in Charge?

You are completely responsible for yourself and for everything that happens to you. Who’s running the show? Who’s in charge? Who’s making all the decisions that affect your life, your work, your family and your income?
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Learn to learn, 'coz that's the way to earn

Learnability is fast becoming the only way to retain the competitive edge over others. We might differ in our ability to learn or in our learning methods, but learn, we must! Continuous learning, re-education, ‘edutraining,’
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From Distress to De-stress

Most of us can and do take stress in our stride. A little stress can be a good motivator. But sometimes for some people, stress can be debilitating. Then is the time to slow down and relax. Stress is an internal state of change that occurs in
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Managing a Professional's Health Care

A professional’s healthcare includes issues such as preventive medical check ups, best practices in medicine, lifestyle related problems, stress management, technology adoption and ergonomics. We invited experts to air their views on these