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Merit List

Born in Hubli, brought up in Bangalore - Madan Padaki comes from a middle-class family. He has done his engineering from NIE, Mysore and MBA from SP Jain Institute of Mgmt &  Research, Mumbai. Madan says "I have grown up with a
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The Backlash on Non-BPOs.

The rising salaries and expectations due to ITES growth have fundamentally changed the environment for companies focused on the Indian Markets.. how can they cope? There has been enough said about the attrition problem in the ITES industry, what
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Motivation and Retention in the Long Run

Despite best efforts by companies operating in the BPO sector, they have failed to provide a career in the industry. Retention has become a rising concern. The one-day conference by HRI Foundation focused on how to sell a ‘Career’ and
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Shaping a career in BPO

  Over the last couple of years, India has metamorphosed as a global hub of Outsourcing and this is due to the fact that India scores in the areas of technological dexterity, quality, flexibility, cost control, competitive advantage and
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Business Expectations from HRM.

The dynamic issues of business driven by competitive factors such as cost, speed, change in tech., new business strategy have altered traditional expectation from HR as a function. The Organization, CEOs and the functional heads, who in the past
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Musings of HR Managers

Selection, Attrition, and relevance of learning were some of the issues discussed in the meet of HR managers organised by HRI on 1st of October. Here are some highlights of this meet. Keeping the context of high attrition rates in mind, the
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Nurture your people

The Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC) had organized an interactive session, Indian Economy: Vision 2020, with Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, Government of India. Excerpts: With the last Union
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Keeping employees happy

A job that constantly raises an employee’s self-esteem will be the place where he most desires to spend his time. Job satisfaction is one aspect that is difficult to define since it remains intangible and immeasurable. Many companies and
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It's Mine

A sense of ownership perhaps is the key to giving ones best to a task, work or cause. “Clean your room” was the stern instruction from my wife to my six year old daughter. After an hour she proclaimed she was done. On inspection, we
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The Future World of Work

There seems to be an influx of the right talent keeping intune with the burgeoning economy. The rules in the workplace are changing laying emphasis on productivity alone. In the past decade we have seen a paradigm shift in the way we work and in