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Valuable EMPLOYEE.

Its that time of the year that every employee looks with trepidation, Appraisal time. Excellent work Sanjana, you're our star performer and we want to show our appreciation by giving you a 50% hike !!   Wow that's what you
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Getting the DNA right

Dr. Mrityunjay, GM-HRD, WIPRO ltd. spoke about the  4 pillars that  supports the DNA of WIPRO and keep his organization strong and healthy. Values: WIPRO's values are solid and these values flow right from the top management. These
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Hiring and Retaining the Best People

So - you engaged the best head-hunter to track down a few good men (and women) to help take your business from here to there. You figured you had thought it all out - what you'd set them working on, the value they would add etc. But somehow,
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The Emerging Role of HR - A look at the future

      Dr. Pallab Bandhyopadhyay, Chief Peoples Officer, Cambridge Solutions. Talked about the future of HR and the changing context of people. HR is going to change in the future because the customers of HR are
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HR Domain A CEO’s Perspective

L S Ram, President and Executive Director, Crossdomain was speaking about how  an organization can hire and retain the best talent. L S Ram, President and Executive Director, Crossdomain was speaking about how  an organization can hire
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Growing from 0 to 2000

   Sudheesh Venkatesh, Head-HR, Tesco spoke  on the challenges and learnings in scaling up Tesco's shared service centre. Tesco is the third largest and fastest growing retailer in the world. With a turnover worth $80
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Harnessing Human Capital for Performance Excellence

"How to transform HR practices to cope with the constant market dynamics and prepare the enterprises to face the challenges from a knowledge economy globally." - Was the over all flavor of the HR Summit organized by IHRD.  
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United we rule, divided – you know what happens

. What makes a team great and how does a leader go about building one? Read on to decipher the intricacies involved in handling teams and nurturing talent. This absorbing discussion on ‘Challenges in Team Building and Talent Management
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The Changing Role of HR

In the ‘90s the role of HR was primarily accepted to be that of a support and an administrative one. The HR professionals focussed on activities and deliverables. The decision makers of companies also thought it to be sufficient to have them
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The Mind of the Leader

  For the fifteenth NASSCOM Leadership summit 2007 in Mumbai, the CEP spotlight session was on the topic: The Mind of the Leader, what makes them tick. The panelists who conversed with Delhi Bureau Chief and Associate Editor-Political