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Watch Scott Rogowsky's eulogy for HQ Trivia co-founder Colin Kroll

Scott Rogowsky, the host of the popular mobile game HQ Trivia, posted an emotional message for users on Sunday. Rogowsky announced the death of his friend Colin Kroll, HQ Trivia CEO and co-founder, and also co-founder of Vine, who was found dead
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HQ Trivia has an Australian version now, so no more random baseball questions

Aussies will know all too well the pain of being eliminated from HQ Trivia thanks to an extremely U.S.-centric question about baseball or something. Fear no more: The popular quiz app is testing an Australian version of its show, set to launch on
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New HQ Trivia feature will let you connect with in-app friends

HQ Trivia is already great at bringing friends and coworkers together IRL (usually to scream at their phones, but still). Now it's looking to facilitate connections inside the app, too. The mobile game has announced a new feature called "Friends on
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#DeleteHQ: HQ Trivia's new funding may come from Peter Thiel, and the internet is revolting

A year ago the internet raged against an app with #DeleteUber. Now, it's time to #DeleteHQ.  By HQ, the internet means HQ trivia, the app that quietly launched in July and now invites more than 1 million people to play trivia every day.