How much one should work?

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My cousins who are doing very well and in the process of shifting to another house commented that they need to change their lifestyle by taking it easy hereafter. Another friend of mine who is well settled is giving more time to his health and complained that by afternoon he is totally free.
Many other known persons are settled and are waiting for another breakthrough but without extra efforts. They are happy doing nothing whole day and are prepared to continue on auto pilot till they die. Few others have made their routine very comfortable and their mantra to others is enjoy the life to the fullest by doing nothing.
Last year my daughter got admitted to SDM College of Medical sciences and Hospital at Dharwad and I attended the induction function presided by Dharmasthala Dharmadikari Dr. Veerendra Heggade aged 62 whose trust runs it. I was surprised to hear Medical Director mention that if he fails to catch Dr. Heggade by 6.30 in the morning then he has to wait the next morning to speak to him. Dr. Heggade has kept himself meaningfully occupied and is enjoying every moment of it.
If we buy a candle then we would like it to burn till the end and similarly our creator would like us to live our life to the fullest by contributing to world in all possible manner.
Decide to do nothing and live in pain till the last day of your life thinking that you are actually enjoying it. Or make your work your play and you would never stop playing it.