How To Eat Healthy When Your Roommate Eats Like Crap All The Time

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  By: Stephanie Lee
How To Eat Healthy When Your Roommate (or significant other) Eats Like Crap All The Time #commitment

If you’re trying to eat healthy in university, there are a lot of forces working against you: A tight budget, limited choices in the university food court and, of course, your friends and roomies. Here’s some help eating well around your Pac-Man roommate.

Illustration by: Sam Woolley. Images by Disposable Dreams, bgreenlee, Picture Perfect Pose.

Your first thought might be to just ignore them and live your life. Well, you should, but the eating habits and choices of people around you can have a huge effect on your own, or at least present situations where you face many, many temptations. You can’t control (or kick out) your roommate, but you do, however, have control over yourself and your living space. So skip the passive aggressive notes and “that’s really bad for