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Resourceful dad carries stubborn toddler into house like a duffle bag

This 2-year-old girl has given up on walking, and it's ok because her dad effortlessly came to her rescue. After what must have been a long day at school, Juliette laid on the driveway while her dad unloaded the car. After finishing up in the car,
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Best Amazon, Target, and Walmart sales: Save on Bissell vacuums, Instant Pot, Google Home Mini, Samsung 4K smart TVs, and Amazon Echo

Happy Monday! Today, you can save on amazing items from across the internet. We gathered the best deals from top retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target for your shopping enjoyment. SEE ALSO: 12 of the best espresso machines, according to online
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Jenny McCarthy thought her house was haunted, but it was just her Google Home

Jenny McCarthy's home is haunted by technology.  The actress and avid anti-vaxxer was doing what every normal person does — checking herself out in a gilded mirror, denying scientific evidence, and pushing incorrect narratives about
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Domestic robots that will change the future of how you run your house

   Remember back in 2001 when The Simpsons purchased an automated upgrade for their home known as the “Ultrahouse 3000?” Well, this is a bit like that, minus the Pierce Brosnan ‘British Charm Unit’ and all the
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Someone left their house in the middle of the street. Seriously.

Sometimes you forget your keys. Sometimes your forget your phone. But someone in Dover, Delaware forgot their whole ass house.  SEE ALSO: Scientists have finally come up with a solution for the world's most annoying household sound The Dover
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Protesters blast audio of crying children outside Kirstjen Nielsen's house

Another day, another protest against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. Days after Nielsen, who recently spoke in defense of the Trump administration's immigration policies at a press briefing, was confronted by protesters
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Powering the last house

From: Buisness-standard By Vinayak Chatterjee Recommended by: business-standard At end-April 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the electrification of all 0.64 million villages in India had been completed. It was a
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Mischievous puppy gets its head stuck in dryer vent on the side of a house

Curious dogs will get themselves into situations you never could even imagine.  Take this 5-month-old puppy named Teagan, who managed to get her cute little doofy head stuck in a dryer vent while her owner was out. And by stuck, we mean really
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Can AI make house hunting easier? Zillow is going for it.

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter, and with those smarts comes application. It's now used in some surprising areas, from arcade games to law contracts to therapy to pornography. Real estate is the next area AI is conquering, and first up on
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There's a house full of creepy statues for sale in Detroit, and we have questions

Sick of sharing a house with roommates but worried about getting lonely?  At 450 W Grixdale Ave in Detroit, you'll never be alone. Called the "Lion Gate Estate," the house comes fully furnished with a grand piano, two vintage cars, and an army