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Luxe Switzerland hotel lets you ski down its zig-zagged face

Ski from the roof to the slopes at this epic new Swiss lodge. Currently under construction, the new 7,000 square metre Hôtel des Horlogers is nestled within Switzerland's Vallée de Joux, and features a five-level external ski path you'
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This could be the first space hotel and people are already pre-booking the $9.5 million experience

Orion Span is planning to launch a luxury space hotel in 2022. Although this timescale sounds a bit unrealistic, the company mentions that 4 months worth of bookings were sold out in just 3 days after they started accepting reservations. 
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Mark Hamill got an unexpected reminder of Carrie Fisher in a hotel room

Mark Hamill was staying in a London hotel when a painting caught his eye. SEE ALSO: Harrison Ford honors Mark Hamill at Walk of Fame celebration, remembers Carrie Fisher On Wednesday he tweeted this picture. Sooooo.....Look who I found looking over
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Watch a hotel rip Trump's name off its sign

Owners of the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Panama ripped Trump's name off the front of their building on Monday. Orestes Fintiklis, who purchased the majority share of the building in August, had the Trump Organization removed from the
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Sports teams are deserting Trumps hotels and its hitting his wallet hard

From: Mashable By Sasha Lekach Recommended by: Mashable President Trump has been riling up pro athletes with disinvitations to the White House and attacks on police brutality protests. Now some teams are hitting back where it
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Muji is opening its first hotel in Japan and we cant wait

From: Mashable By Yvette Tan Recommended by: Mashable That's right Muji fans, its really happening.Japan's famous minimalist store Muji, which sells everything from stationery, clothes, to household products, will be opening its
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Kerala announces new liquor policy, bars in 3, 4 -star hotels to reopen

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Under the new liquor policy, all bars in three and four -star hotels would be allowed to reopen in Kerala.Here’s some spirited news for those looking for a sundowner at a cosy bar
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Sahara in talks for sale of foreign hotels, 30 domestic assets

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times More than 250 Expressions of Interest were received for sale of the 30 domestic properties across India for the auction being conducted by Knight Frank India.The embattled Sahara
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If You’re Not Making Changes, You Might Already be a Dinosaur

Over the years, Bill Marriott has seen a seismic change in his business. “Today is a whole new ballgame for me,” he says. “When I went to hotels when I was young, you went into the lobby, you checked in at the desk, and if you were