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9 details you missed in the horrifying 'Hereditary'

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Hereditary. Hereditary is the kind of film you need to sit with. It's not just that it has a lot of shocking twists, though it does, or that the scares linger in your psyche, though they do. It's also that
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'Hereditary' marketing misleads its audience right off a cliff

Spoilers lie ahead for Hereditary. You've been warned. On Friday, horror fans flocked to theaters to revel in and be tortured by A24's new supernatural horror flick, Hereditary.  By Sunday, the rising fright fest had been rocked by a D+
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The real horror of 'Hereditary' is its realistic portrait of a family in grief

This post contains spoilers for the ending of Hereditary. At face value, Hereditary works as an elegant genre film about the occult. But on a subtextual level, even the most supernatural scenes in the film speak to the raw realities of being a
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One horrifying 'Sex and the City' scene was too much, even for HBO

You wouldn't expect HBO to be nonplussed by a sex scene, but apparently the network put its foot down during Season 1 of Sex and the City. According to a Vanity Fair deep dive, the scene between Charlotte and her blow job-loving paramour started
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Writers shared their celebrity interview horror stories and they're all so painful

There's a great deal you can do to prepare for an interview but once the recorder is on and you're directly in front of the celebrity, there's a chance all the planning you might have done and all the notes you may have taken goes out the window.
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A cinema accidentally played that horrifying 'Hereditary' trailer at a 'Peter Rabbit' showing

This definitely falls on the horrifying end of the snafu-spectrum. SEE ALSO: The new 'Hereditary' trailer is a lot to handle Parents in the audiences of a cinema in Perth were shocked when, ahead of a screening of Peter Rabbit, the cinema played the
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Pixar's next short is about food becoming sentient and somehow it's not a horror story

When it comes to taking inherently horrifying premises and turning them into cuddly tearjerkers, Pixar is second to none. Toy Story? Creepy af. Means your toys are watching and judging you all the timeRatatouille? Who wants a rat in the kitchen, let
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Theres another United horror story and it will break your heart

From: Mashable By Sasha Lekach Recommended by: Mashable The United horror stories keep coming out of the woodwork. After the internet exploded over a viral video showing a man being forcibly dragged from his seat on a United
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Multiple audience members ‘pass out’ at screening of gory cannibal horror film

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times A Midnight Madness film screening at the Toronto International Film Festival turned into quite the horror story when paramedics were called onto the scene after multiple audience
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The Homes of Hoarders

From:   By: Arika Okrent Via: These are a few of their favorite things: A photo project about hoarders: