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Are You the Smartest Person in the Room? Let's Hope Not.

From: Recommended by: Anjana Vivek This article touches on on how one can benefit from hiring persons who are smarter than oneself. Surrounding oneself with smart persons does have a rub-
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Do your own thing...

A good interview question can give you insight into a potential hire's critical thinking process, communication skills, and ability to think and execute on their feet.  But with the amount of prep they do these days, there's a good
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Low Cost Recruitment Strategies

Just found an intersting and useful blog on how to source candidates in low cost ways. For SMEs or multinationals, this article will give you tips on low cost strategies for hiring new staff....       Read more of this
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The power of we

A famous organist was performing a concert on a huge antique organ in front of a large audience. The bellows were hand-pumped by a boy seated behind a screen, unseen by any in the vast audito­rium. The first part of the performance went very
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Sales Recruitments

Believe this or not! Seven out of ten managers who hire sales people that I have spoken to have confessed to me that they have no clue in assessing the capability of, especially, freshers with no previous work experience. Ok, I agree that 15-
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Warren Buffet on People and Investments

"Integrity, Intelligence and Energy." is what Warren Buffet looks for in People. Integrity being the key thing, because you might have Intelligence and Energy, but without Integrity these qualities are of no use. These fascinating nuggets