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How One Company Is Making Independence Day an All Week Vacation For Everyone

Since the early days of Henry Ford and assembly lines that helped establish the 40 hour work week, the majority of American workers have been diligently earning their wages through the typical nine to five grind. That started to change...
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Being Smart Isn’t Enough to Succeed

Note: This article is part of an occasional series dedicated to exploring the contribution of human capital assets (people!) to the valuation of a business. Welcome to The New ROI: Return on Individuals. Previous
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Start Imagining a Future of Human + Machine

“In the first wave of transformation, businesses standardized processes. Think Henry Ford and the assembly line, where steps in the overall process were broken down, measured, and optimized to achieve gains in efficiency. The second wave of
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Consumer activism is forcing many brands to change behaviour

From: Buisness-standard By Rukmini Gupte Recommended by: business-standard The marketplace has come a long way from the days when the balance of power was squarely tilted on the side of the Big Brand, epitomised by Henry Ford’s
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What Henry Ford understood about wages

Every time Ford increased the productivity of car production (in one three-year period, he lowered labor costs by 66% per car), he also raised wages. Not merely because it's the right thing to do. He did it because well-paid workers...  
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On demand vs. in stock

"You can have any color car you want as long as it's black." Henry Ford made cars in black because black paint dried four hours faster than any other color. That fast drying meant that the line worked faster, which...     
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Answers to the Strategist Quiz (#414)

My PageRelated NewsA very famous saxophone star and Grammy award winner, who was one of this company's early investors, claims to have inspired the frozen favourite, which made its debut in 1995 in this global retail coffee chain. The company did