Health Moves Forward

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  By: Adrian Aoun
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Health Moves Forward

“Don’t freak out, but I’m having a heart attack”

That was a phone call from a close relative of mine a few years ago. Up until then, healthcare had always been somehow distant and abstract to me — a collection of mildly unpleasant experiences and vaguely recalled acronyms: PPO. LDL. ACA. I knew that these things were important to people, but I never had to learn why for myself. I was lucky.

The day I got that call, I went from skimming the surface of “The Healthcare System” to being plunged right into its icy depths. The memories come in waves — hours spent bedside at a hospital staring at linoleum tiles, untold days spent researching treatment plans and diagnoses. Reluctantly taking a crash-course on “myocardial infarctions” and


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