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BACKACHE The bane of the back

Dr.Prashanth S.Acharya B.A.M.S, M.S (Ayu), PhD Scholar (Ayu), FAGE, FICA (USA) Medical Director ARTH An Ayurvedic Health Centre   Living in the 21st century has its pleasures and pains. While people are leading longer more comfortable
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Providing a ray of hope

Preparing for health emergencies is a must for anyone. But till very recently, an individual couldn’t really do much about it, except leave it to God. The emergence of health service providers gives some hope. Till recently India was ill
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The new boom in Bangalore

The city has become the favorite destination of health tourists from not only all over the country, but also Asia. World-class holistic health care centers are springing up like crazy. More importantly, they seem to have something for the middle-
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Making a visionary heart hospital and its ambitious Telemedicine initiative in India, tick

The Asia Heart Foundation is a non-profit organization, which had a mission to build four major Cardiac Hospitals spanning Asia for Specialist care. One of them is located on the outskirts of Bangalore, which is touted as one of the future