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Small Business Congress & Awards 2013

The greatest challenge of running a small business is breaking the mindset of thinking small. More than ever before, growth today is driven by vision of the entrepreneur or the founder and not by the conditions or prevailing externalities. The
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"Business Model Innovation" - an imperative for Businesses

A good business model answers Peter Drucker’s age-old questions: Who is the customer? And what does the customer value? It also answers the fundamental questions every manager must ask: How do we make money in this business? What is the
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The need for unconventional policies

Prior to the financial crisis life was simple for central bankers in tempering booms and busts to maintain low and stable inflation by nudging a key short-term interest rate to discourage borrowing (and thus check inflation), or to foster looser
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When Growth is Not Good

Is revenue growth a sure blessing? Unfortunately, no. Growth and risk go hand in hand and can cause a firm considerable harm unless effectively managed.  Wooing new customers, entering new markets, launching new products, or diversifying
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How to use ‘Thank You’ & Gratitude to Motivate Your Networks

Saying ‘Thank You’ is one of the most powerful and effective ways to generate business and stand out from the crowd. I still remember receiving my first hand-written thank you card from someone who I had given a referral to. 
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How To Give & Stay in Touch with Your Contacts

As the “Givingpreneur” I am always trying to give you ways to help others and at the same time build your business.  So this week’s blog showcases a brilliant method of keeping in touch with your contacts, a communication
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Radical Management

Mastering the art of continuous Innovation   “Remarkably, the return on assets for U.S. firms has steadily fallen to almost one quarter of 1965 levels…very few [workers] (20 percent) are passionate about their
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The Micropreneur Manifesto

How to Stay Solo, Bleed Passion, and Build Products that Matter ......There has never been a better time in history to be an entrepreneur. The Internet has created an unprecedented opportunity for solo founders to create and
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Has The Recession Released It’s Death Grip?

The end is near!  No, not the end of the world, I’m talking about the end of the recession. According to a survey of over 5,000 businesspeople released in January at business is starting to look up.  
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5 Point Checklist for Business Scalability…

  Every business aspires to grow and they will, they only have to find a way of doing it sustainably!     It was a year since Kamal started his online venture. Initially it had been a struggle, but then the