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The 25 Best Graduation Gifts for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

From: Via: What a great resource! Thanks for including Dr. C - The 25 Best Graduation Gifts for Aspiring Entrepreneurs https
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Save $100 on a 128 GB 5th generation iPad (*hint* Father's Day, *hint* graduation gift)

iPad: "Cannot take photo." "Insufficient space for download." "Storage almost full."  Us: via GIPHY There's nothing more annoying than your iPad's screen whining about storage, and then having to delete apps or photos you weren't even done
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Save $250 on a Nikon DSLR camera, which would make a great graduation gift

A smartphone camera can only do so much. For truly crisp photos, you'll want to invest in a digital camera with great resolution and a zoom lens.  Lucky for you, there's this Nikon D3400 digital camera on sale for $250 off at Walmart. SEE ALSO
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Michael Keaton deserves an award for the Batman comment he made at a graduation speech

Michael Keaton was a damn good Batman. SEE ALSO: Holy prequel, Batman! Alfred Pennyworth is getting his own origin story on TV The legendary actor gave a commencement speech at Kent State University graduation recently, and he wrapped things up in
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Chance the Rapper praises Beyoncé in speech to graduating students

Like many of us growing up, Chance the Rapper tried to copy the moves of Michael Jackson. Chance never thought someone would surpass him.  In a commencement speech to graduates at Dillard University on Saturday, the Grammy-winning artist talked
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The perfect graduation gift for every type of grad in your life

Cash. Not gift cards. Literally just cold, hard cash. That's all grads want. End of list. Read more...More about Gift, Cash, Graduation, Gift Ideas, and Grad
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Enormous pelicans terrorize students at their college graduation

It's not a college graduation until your grandmother is squealing for help and your father is chasing a giant beast of death across a field. Students at Pepperdine University were victimized by not one but two pelicans this weekend, when the birds
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Best Buy is having a great sale on MacBook Air laptops all this week (through May 5)

Graduation is just around the corner for high school students everywhere. If your graduating senior is heading off to college, it might be nice to upgrade their tech before you send them on their wayBest Buy has awesome deals on MacBook Airs all
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7 ways to take the perfect graduation picture

Graduation is a time to celebrate your accomplishments, but remember the photos will probably stick around for a while.  You don't want people scrolling through social media the next day and seeing your pic among the same boring photos. And you