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Jeff Bezos is totally cool with governments investigating Amazon

The world's richest man is spending a billion dollars a year helping to launch the human race into space. Next to that goal, the threat of a government antitrust investigation into his trillion-dollar company is no big deal.  That was the
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GST: Government's customer focus

From: Buisness-standard By Parthasarathi Shome Recommended by: business-standard As the first year of GST was completed, many articles appeared on the first year’s performance or lack of it. One matter that perhaps remains to be
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ACLU petitions Amazon to stop selling surveillance technology to the government

The American Civil Liberties Union is delivering a petition to Amazon's Seattle headquarters today with more than 150,000 signatures. They are requesting for Amazon to stop providing the government with facial recognition technology. "Amazon has
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Governor versus government

From: Buisness-standard By Aditi Phadnis Recommended by: business-standard The use — and misuse — of the office of the governor was cause célèbre, especially in Opposition politics in the decade of the 1980s.For reporters, it was
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Civil servant fired over Twitter attacks on government wins case

Civil servants in Australia can criticise the country's government on Twitter, so long as they do it under a fake name and outside of work. That's the latest result in the case of a former employee of Australia's immigration department, Michaela
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Corruption of science: Why are governments not banning Monsanto's Roundup?

From: Buisness-standard By Sunita Narain Recommended by: business-standard There is one chemical that is igniting much fuss these days — legislators in New Zealand want it banned; South African leaders are asking why they are
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Government Is Slowing H-1Bs By Making Greater Paperwork Requests

If your company is petitioning for H-1B visas and it seems like the approval process is taking longer than in years past, it’s not in your head. Anecdotal reports from immigration attorneys are backed up by the numbers: Through November...
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'My government just told me I don't matter': Trans students on Betsy DeVos' school bathroom decision

Grace Dolan-Sandrino, a 17-year-old transgender high school student, was prepared for the Department of Education to let her down.  The federal agency had done so already a year ago, she says, when it rescinded an Obama-era guidance advising