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Even gorillas need dating apps to find love

If a lonely Valentine's Day has you doubting the power of dating apps, get ready to believe again.  Calaya and Baraka met just three years ago thanks to a matching algorithm. Since then, the two strangers went from potential dates, to lovers,
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How buying trendy socks can help save gorillas

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Fast fashion is a hot topic these days, and shoppers are
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Ellen DeGeneres got a gorilla conservation fund for her 60th birthday

There's no present greater than the survival of great apes. SEE ALSO: Meet the animals that probably went extinct in 2017 Ellen DeGeneres turned 60 recently, and her wife Portia de Rossi gave her present on air, despite having almost entirely lost
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Employee Issues, Gorillas, and Other Monkey Business – Pick Dave’s Brain

This week’s question comes from Rafael of San Paulo, Brazil. Q: In one of your seminars you said if you have an employee that’s causing problems, you should hold them to strict standards. But does that really work? Click to tweet this: