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San Francisco Google employees walk out in protest of sexual harassment

On an unusually warm Nov. 1 morning in San Francisco, scores of Google employees walked out of their downtown office in protest.  The staged walkout had come together quickly, and followed the Oct. 25 news that Google execs paid Android creator
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The European leg of a global Google staff walkout has kicked off in London and Dublin

Google employees walked out of offices in London and Dublin on Thursday morning in a protest over harassment and inequality.  It's expected that thousands of Google staff will participate in a walkout of its 70 offices worldwide over the
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Is SpaceX’s Satellite Internet Project In Trouble?

Elon Musk has fired multiple executives to get SpaceX’s internet project back on track, but this may be a sign the company will miss its ambitious 2019 deadline.
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The 24x7 clean energy goal

From: Buisness-standard By Vandana Gombar Recommended by: business-standard The idea that Google floated earlier this month is simple: It wants the energy it consumes in each of the 8,760 hours that make up a year to be carbon-
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Google's new Doodle is a terrifyingly addictive Halloween game you can play with friends

Google's Doodles — near-daily re-imaginings of the company logo — have become so elaborate in recent years that it was only a matter of time until the company turned the Doodle into a full-fledged, multiplayer game.  So, this
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Google changed its mobile homepage for the first time in years

If you've opened on your phone lately, you might have noticed it looks a lot different. That's because Google's personalized news feed is now rolling out to mobile browsers. The feature, which we first saw last year, delivers a mix of
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‘Complementary HR’: HR Learns from the NFL About Complementary Outcomes

If you haven’t heard the term “complementary football,” it’s a performance improvement approach that corporations and HR shouldn’t ignore. This approach increases your chances of winning by ensuring that the outcomes of
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Hire for the Company, Not for a Manager

Hiring by committee is a critical decision that you must make in the early days of the company, or must instate if it’s not present. No single individual, no matter how bright or powerful, should be the ultimate decision-maker, even...
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What to expect from Apple's iPad event in Brooklyn

Apple isn’t done. Fresh from its launch of no less than three new iPhones and a new Apple Watch, the tech giant is poised to reveal what’s next for its other major products: the iPad and the Mac.  Apple sent out invitations to the
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Boston Red Sox have already won the World Series —according to a Google Search mistake

It's Game 3 of the World Series tonight, but the Boston Red Sox have already beat the Los Angeles Dodgers for the championship — that is, if you trust Google to give you the right answer. Google Search today has been incorrectly displaying the