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There's a GoFundMe page to buy Elon Musk a decent sofa

Thank god someone has finally taken a stand defending what is most sacred, the comfort of multi-billionaires. SEE ALSO: Tesla on temporary Model 3 production shutdown: Nothing to see here In an interview with CBS, Elon Musk talked about Tesla's
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Former FBI deputy director's GoFundMe for legal defense raises over $250k in 6 hours

It's been a pretty strange year for politics. It's even stranger now that major political figures are crowdfunding their legal fees.  A GoFundMe stetup by "Friends of Andrew McCabe" launched Thursday to pay for the former FBI deputy director's
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Taylor Swift is so generous that GoFundMe changed its rules to keep up with her

Is there anything Taylor Swift can’t do, any internet injustice she cannot fix?Just a few weeks after Swift persuaded Apple Music to change course and pay artists during the streaming service’s three month free trial, Swift has inspired another