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Antibiotic use skyrockets globally, stoking fears of tough 'superbugs'

Antibiotics made their big debut during World War II, when the U.Spumped out increasingly potent doses of penicillin to successfully combat bacterial infections in troops. These antibacterial drugs have been hugely effective in the seven decades
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Best In Class: Is Your Company Multilingual Enough?

Forbes Insights and Rosetta Stone surveyed over 200 executives around the world to find out how leading companies are training their employees to speak and work in languages—other than their native tongue—and the impact it is having at
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Will democracy survive globalisation?

From: Buisness-standard By Claude Smadja Recommended by: business-standard Now for a wild question: Will the democratic system — in the way it has been practiced in the Western world — survive globalisation? Is this question as
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Nitin Desai: India in a post-globalised world

From: Buisness-standard By Nitin Desai Recommended by: business-standard One month of the Donald Trump presidency has confirmed the fears that were expressed after his surprise victory. His acts are as extreme as his views and
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The State of the American Workplace

Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report is out. It’s a lot of information (214 pages!). But it’s important information and you’ll enjoy the most current data from this global collector and analyzer of work related
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Huge Regulation Cuts In 2017: Directors Beware

President Trump made a bold statement as one of the first items on his presidential agenda: “cut regulation by 75%, maybe more.” Learn how these changes can effect you and what key governance trends to watch out for in 2017 to be an
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You Are the Architect of the Modern Workforce

“You must move from the comfort zone to the learning zone and you can never go back there.” That was a line from a recent speech that just came out of nowhere. However, it was meant as a guiding light for my audience who were all HR
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A V Rajwade: IMF and globalisation

From: Buisness-standard By A V Rajwade Recommended by: business-standard When the International Monetary Fund was formed seven decades back, one of its primary objectives was to "facilitate the expansion and balanced growth of
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Claude Smadja: Globalisation is alive and well, don't panic

From: Buisness-standard By Claude Smadja Recommended by: business-standard One fashionable idea these days is that globalisation is in retreat, that we are witnessing a de-globalisation process. The proponents of this school of