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Sourcing Is the New Recruiting

I have some excellent news for you. Sourcing is the place to be in talent acquisition today! Recruiting as it has traditionally been known is going away. Increasingly companies are adopting recruitment process automation, and that means that there
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Ditching Old School Recruitment Practices

As Bob Dylan sang, “Oh the times they are a changin”… The question is, are we changing with them? Depending on the size of your business, interviews, and skills evaluation are not something that is often trained. Because of this
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Is Your Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Leaving Someone Behind?

For all that Mary Poppins said, ‘that we should begin at the beginning’ (since it is, after all, a perfect place to start), we’re going to start out a little bit later. Let’s assume that you’ve already realized that you
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#SourceCon O.M.G. Moments AKA Oh My! (It’s) Glen Cathey

Picture this. It’s day two of SourceCon. You’re surrounded by 800 of your closest sourcing companions and your mind has just been blown away by a series of jaw-dropping presentations and offstage networking. Knowledge is being shared