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These glasses are designed to stop motion sickness

These liquid-filled, goofy-looking glasses claim to cure motion sickness after just 10 minutes. Not only is the scientific backing a bit limited on these goggles, but they are also expensive — costing over $100.  Read more...More about
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Snap fixes another major issue with Spectacles

Snap is making another major update to Spectacles that finally addresses one of the biggest issues with the camera-enabled glasses: the videos are too hard to watch outside of Snapchat. Beginning Friday, the app will let you export photos and videos
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These glasses can help people with disabilities use technology without their hands

Glassouse can be worn like a pair of glasses and allows people with disabilities to use their smartphones and computers hands-free. Head movements control the cursor and biting on the blue extension will select items.  Read more...More about
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Snap debuts Spectacles 2, and they're better than the original in almost every way

  Snapchat Spectacles 2 $149.99 View Product The Good Better design • cooler colors • Waterproof • Easier pairing and transfer process The Bad Pricier than the original • Still photos are kinda meh The
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4 ways you're doing water wrong (and how to fix it)

 You know you need to drink more water, but getting your 8 glasses in every day isn’t always easy. Staying hydrated keeps us healthy. It can impact kidney function, helps us boost our metabolism, and aids in digesting what we eat. But the
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Scientists show that 'Superman' disguise could actually work

From: Via: RT @RobertCialdini: What?! Scientists show that 'Superman' disguise could actually work
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5 things we know about Snapchats new Spectacles

From: Mashable By Emma Hinchliffe Recommended by: Mashable Snap Inc.'s new Spectacles. Image: snap incSnapchat broke big news Friday night when it announced it would become "Snap Inc." and release its first hardware product.That
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Snapchat is just Snap now

From: Mashable By Damon Beres Recommended by: Mashable Snapchat's new Spectacles will allow wearers to record video. Image: Snap Inc.Snapchat is losing the "chat."The company has been renamed Snap Inc., the Wall Street Journal