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Best gifts for your girlfriend: Gift ideas for your number one girl

Getting your girlfriend a gift that she really loves is an awesome feeling. (Nothing like seeing your girl’s face light up when she finds out what you got her, amirite?)  But the process of figuring out what gift to get can be a tricky
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Emmy winner proposes to his girlfriend on stage, and it was adorable

Excuse me, hold up, there was a LIVE PROPOSAL during this year's Emmy Awards.  Glenn Weiss landed the Emmy in Directing a Variety Special at the Oscars this year. He gave a heartfelt acceptance speech, explaining that the award was "bittersweet
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Man asks girlfriend to text him World Cup updates, gets more than he bargained for

There are already plenty of people already out there tweeting, blogging and writing about the World Cup — but maybe its time for a new voice to enter the mix. SEE ALSO: World Cup manager wins the heart of the internet, becomes glorious meme "
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Restaurant makes cute pun cake for a recovering diner

To celebrate his girlfriend's recovery from a collapsed lung, Twitter user Scott T. took her out to a nice dinner.  Though Scott said he casually mentioned the purpose of the celebration, he didn't expect the waitstaff to go all out with this
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Boyfriend pranks girlfriend for April Fools' Day by cloning himself in their security footage

In the way of April Fools' jokes, this is one of the better ones. YouTuber pillowtalkTK decided to trick his girlfriend in a super spooky way. He edited a recording of them sleeping to make it look like a double of himself walked in to stare at them
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27 times Ricky Gervais hilariously trolled his own girlfriend on Twitter

When it comes to a bit of light-hearted trolling, few do it better than Ricky Gervais. His Twitter feed is all the evidence you need of this. Nestled in among the tweets about his cat Ollie and his glorious selection of bathtub selfies, the British
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Man uses baby alligator to propose to his girlfriend (adorably) [video]

From:   By: Josh Urich Via: Man uses baby alligator to propose to his girlfriend (adorably) [video]
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7 Crippling Parenting Behaviors That Keep Children From Growing Into Leaders

From:   By: Kathy Caprino Via: 7 crippling parenting behaviors that keep children from growing into leaders, by @
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What if the NFL logos were Hipsters?

From:   By: David Rappoccio Via: What if the NFL logos were Hipsters? #awesome #