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These overly analytical Spotify Genius footnotes are giving us life

The number one rule in comedy states that the best way to kill a joke is to explain it. But that doesn't account for Genius, which has mastered the art of comedy in over-explaining music lyrics.  And the internet is extremely here for it.
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This Woman Won National Geographic's 'Chasing Genius' Contest For A Remote Physical Therapy App

Physical therapist Asha Gummadi just won the $25,000 National Geographic/Spring Chasing Genius Challenge to further develop her app, which allows doctors to prescribe physical therapy remotely.
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Genius Instagram account merges 'Call Me By Your Name' scenes with Monet paintings

Call Me By Your Name is a work of art, and don't you dare contest this completely objective and unbiased statement.  SEE ALSO: How come nobody's talking about the poop scene that got cut from 'Call Me By Your Name'?! But, just when you thought
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Berlin blockchain conference proves that dumb stock art is actually genius

Hey, friend, have you heard the good word? About the blockchain? No? It's this idea of a distributed ledger that can't be retroactively altered and will certainly revolutionize... oh, hm, I'm losing you, aren't I. That's totally OK! Thankfully, the
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Man finds genius method for decorating the hole in his office wall

Some people would look at a gaping hole in their office wall and see it as a problem. Malboury Jones saw it as an opportunity. SEE ALSO: This Is Your Office in the Year 2020 On Monday, the Ireland-based graphic designer tweeted photos of a sign he'd
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Dad and daughter Girl Scout cookie song is simply a work of genius

If this little girl doesn't end up selling all the cookies, there's something seriously wrong with the world. SEE ALSO: Girl Scout sells 300 boxes of cookies outside a California marijuana dispensary In the Facebook video above, Seymore Harrison Jr
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This photo of a dog in a seat-belt sparked an ingenious Photoshop battle

When safety and heroism collide.  SEE ALSO: Dramatic puppy meeting a husky gets a hilarious Photoshop battle A dog in a harness got the r/photoshopbattles treatment. The image seems to stem from the ZuGo Pet Rocketeer pack and was uploaded
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This person's genius idea for decorating the stairs will delight all you cartophiles out there

Tired of climbing regular old stairs? Wish you could see maps in more varied place? Then we have an idea for you! SEE ALSO: This man's ghosts, floating in mid air, are the closest thing we have to holograms On Sunday children's author Giles Paley
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Zendaya shares ingenious way she copes with stress

When we're feeling stressed or anxious, many of us turn to our preferred coping strategies.    Actor and singer Zendaya shared her go-to method of dealing with stress—and it's a totally doable activity that many of us can get on