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Cyber Monday 2018: Save $155 on the Oral-B Genius 8000 smart toothbrush at Walmart

No matter how much you brush, you just don't seem to make your dentist happy during your annual checkups. Your dentist always seems to be upset that they have to scrape so much plaque and other gunk out of your mouth every six months. If there was
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Initiative Q doesn't exist. But its marketing is genius.

Viral marketing campaigns on the internet are nothing new, but Initiative Q is something else.  The project that calls itself "tomorrow's payment network" has people buzzing, signing up, and sharing invites. For their troubles, users who
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This bike path paves the way for future roads made from recycled plastic — Genius Moments

In the Netherlands, three companies partnered up to collect your recycled plastic and turn it into bike pathsPlasticRoad is a Lego-like road system that consists of modular, prefabricated sections. The plastic road has a hollow space inside it and
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Transfer your handwritten notes to your computer with this genius pen

In 2018, practically every mundane, household item can possess smart qualities. Your vacuum can move on its own. You can control your coffee maker through an app. There’s even a virtual, personal assistant that can order you pizza, play music
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This $19 course could teach you how to behave like an actual genius

What did Aristotle, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, and Steve Jobs have in common? In their own way, they each altered the course of history because of their keen intellect and insights. Some might even call them geniuses.  And now, thanks to
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Are you a genius?

In the latest episode of my podcast Akimbo, I riff about what it means to be a genius. Hint: You are one. PS more people are subscribing every day. It's short, free and sometimes fascinating. All the cool kids are...     
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The secret genius of Google's '20 percent time'

Google famously allows employees to use 20 percent of their work week for any project. This "20 percent time" is a force for innovation; it led to Gmail and Google Maps, to name just two products. But why does it work? Eric Schmidt, former Google
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These overly analytical Spotify Genius footnotes are giving us life

The number one rule in comedy states that the best way to kill a joke is to explain it. But that doesn't account for Genius, which has mastered the art of comedy in over-explaining music lyrics.  And the internet is extremely here for it.
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This Woman Won National Geographic's 'Chasing Genius' Contest For A Remote Physical Therapy App

Physical therapist Asha Gummadi just won the $25,000 National Geographic/Spring Chasing Genius Challenge to further develop her app, which allows doctors to prescribe physical therapy remotely.