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Some Chevy Bolts have battery problem that's every EV driver's worst nightmare

General Motors isn't calling it a recall, but Chevy Bolt electric vehicle owners are being notified about a battery problem that is affecting some of its cars on the road in what can only be described as an EV nightmare. For a "small percentage" of
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16 automakers launch campaign to promote electric cars

Automakers around the U.S. really, really want you to drive an electric car.  A group of car companies and state governments launched a campaign Wednesday to convince consumers to consider electric cars. It's called "Drive Change. Drive
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GM plans to launch a car-sharing program this year

General Motors is staying tight-lipped about a new Bloomberg report that suggests the company's Maven car-sharing program will soon allow GM car owners to rent out their vehicles to strangers for brief periods of time through the app. GM's existing
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GM dealers plan class action suit over ‘measly’ compensation

From: Hindustan Times By New Delhi Recommended by: Hindustan times A majority of 96 dealers, which operate around 140 showrooms across India, are unhappy with the company’s offer of just around 12 per cent of total investments
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How Automakers Can Think Like a Disruptor

From: Via: How Automakers Can Think Like a Disruptor - Knowledge@Wharton the third
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Keith Bradsher: Too many cars chasing too few buyers?

From: Buisness-standard By Keith Bradsher Recommended by: business-standard The new $1.3-billion Cadillac factory on the outskirts of Shanghai is a shrine to modern manufacturing, the kind of facility that automakers all over the
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Youll be able to call a self-driving car to pick you up as Lyft and GM challenge Uber

Lyft and Uber are in a race to boot drivers off the road.Lyft, the friendly ride-hailing competitor to Uber, announced Monday that it has entered into a strategic partnership with automotive giant General Motors to create a network of self-driving