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Talking to machines will be an even bigger deal than the iPhone, says Gary Vaynerchuk

"Technology is exposing us, not changing us.”  Gary Vaynerchuk is on a mission to spread his can-do message through his use of digital media. The entrepreneur, who's CEO and co-founder of the digital agency Vayner Media, has something of
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The world of Voice AI according to Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk and his agency Vayner Media are already known for dominating and owning social media. But now they're turning their attentions to Voice AI. We caught up with Gary to talk about the massive opportunities and challenges that a future
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Here's what Vero's founder has to say about its overnight success — and blunders

Vero, the hot new social media app, is being praised for its similarity to Facebook and Twitter — and for keeping annoying ads off the platform.  In less than 24 hours, it's been downloaded more than 500,000 times, and by Monday, it was
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Career Library: An Influential Book on Influence

From:   By: Rich Campbell Via: RT @SprtsMktgProf: My latest book recommendation for your #CareerLibrary is @
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5 New York Jets players get really smart money advice for their post-NFL careers

The New York Jets may do well on the field this season, but how will they do in the free market?Five of the team's capitalism-curious players showed up on entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck's show, #AskGaryVee, to ask the social media and business guru
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Strategic analysis A Lesson in Traffic, Reads and Conversions

From:   By: Thomas Baekdal Via: [Please read & subscribe to Baekdal Plus!] A Lesson in Traffic, Reads and