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Gamification Isn’t Playing Games; It’s Making Work More Fun and Workers More Engaged

Employee engagement can often be one of the more difficult metrics that human resource leaders are tasked with growing in their day-to-day work. While it can be one of the more crucial elements of workplace culture, HR leaders struggle to...
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How AI Is Improving Recruiting and Hiring

The HR technology landscape has been transformed in just a few short years. From advances in ATS software to the emergence of cloud-based systems and gamification-influenced platforms, hiring is one of the most explosive spaces for innovation.
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Gamification Is Changing Assessments For the Better

Even for successful candidates, the recruitment process can be a dizzying rollercoaster ride. There’s the high of that first call with the recruiter — and the realization that, hey, this job might be ‘the one.’ And then there
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5 Ways to Shape Learning with Gamification

Gamification is becoming the norm in today’s e-learning. Eighty percent of learners say they feel they’d be more productive if their work or study was more game-like. And that’s not just work-shy slackers talking: 61% of senior
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Brain Games: Discover the Psychology Behind Interactive Content

From: Via: Brain Games: Discover the Psychology Behind Interactive Content https://t.
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The Right (And Wrong) Way To Gamify Work

Imagine web developers finishing a backlog of mundane ticketed tasks with a zeal usually reserved for playing Pokémon Go or watching a sports championship. The goal of "gamifying" work tasks is to turn otherwise tedious, long-term projects into fun
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Learning is the name of the game

From: Buisness-standard By Sangeeta Tanwar Recommended by: business-standard It's a truism that when learning is fun and engaging, you get more out of learners. And companies realise that fun and games are serious business, which
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HR priorities for 2015

Add to My PageI was trying hard to avoid the temptation to jump onto the bandwagon and write this almost de-rigueur blogpost. And then I a chance conversation on the subject triggered a few thoughts, so I decided to share my perspective. First and
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The small BIG – why conventional wisdom about call center gamification is wrong

From:   By: Gal Rimon Via: RT @GalRimon: the small BIG: changing conventional wisdom about call center #