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Real Entrepreneurs Are Never “Stuck”

A version of this article previously appeared Forbes. Professional investors do not fund great ideas. Instead, they fund proven businesses. The reality is that most […] The post Real Entrepreneurs Are Never “Stuck” appeared first
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Companies caring for employees attract socially responsible funds

From: Buisness-standard By BS Reporter Recommended by: business-standard Looking after your employees is good for business as it can attract 35 per cent more investment from socially responsible funds, a study by an assistant
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India's direct selling industry likely to reach Rs 645 bn by 2025

 A report titled, 'Direct 2015 - Direct selling: Mapping the industry across Indian states' by FICCI-KPMG says that direct selling, the oldest and traditional forms of selling, is today a successful industry operating in over 100 countries,
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Breaking The Mold With David Hornik

From: Via: RT @sarthakgh: A must read interview of @davidhornik’s an old adage that if you want to get something done, find the
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Venture capitalists add tough riders to fund-raising pacts

From:   By: Swaraj Singh Dhanjal Via: Venture capitalists add tough riders to fund-raising pacts
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Equity Crowdfunding by the Numbers

From:   By: Ryan Feit Via: Equity Crowdfunding by the Numbers the weeks following the release of
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Crowdfunding may not create the 'next Facebook,' but it's great for craft breweries

Scotty's Brewhouse isn't the usual business you read about raising venture capital. It's nearly 20 years old. Revenues are strong for a small business, but not growing like an Uber-sized weed. And it's a restaurant chain. In Indiana.In other words:
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Chris Sacca: 'As a culture, we don't treat our girls as potential business leaders'

Chris Sacca sits in a mostly empty plain white room in his Manhattan Beach, California home, far from the power brokers in San Francisco and New York. The room's lack of color only emphasizes his own abundance of it: Sacca sports his trademark black
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Venture Outlook 2016

From: Via: Venture Outlook 2016 | Bothsides of the Table is a lot of uncertainty about the state of the private, high-
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Indian start-ups to see funding worth $5 billion by year end: Nasscom

From:   By: Moulishree Srivastava Via: Indian start-ups to see funding worth $5 billion by year end: Nasscom https://t