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Building a productive relatioship with banks a guide

In the Indian context, it is imperative for many businesses to approach banks for raising capital considering venture capital is still not available to all businesses. Thus for many a SME, bank financing is critical and this article tries to outline
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Venture Capital Management Interface: Nurturing it

It is a complex relationship that is at the very core of the new entrepreneurial-economy axis. This interface at times also consists of mutually conflicting interests. Bringing out the essence of making and managing this relationship and
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Is Venture Capital worth the effort or cost?

  Most would agree that Venture capital or Risk Capital as being one of the key factors behind the entrepreneurship explosion we have witnessed in India. But moving beyond that experience there is a pertinent question that waits to be
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How to manage surplus funds? - a guide

Even in these tough times (and more so in the better times) many companies are often left with surplus funds in their accounts. These funds are often not leveraged to increase the company’s rate of return. In this article, we have tried to
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Fund Buzz, a Chennai, India-based ASP of e-mail and messaging services, has received undisclosed funding from Intel Capital.   Net Brahma spins of and gets $2 million in funding from JP Morgan.   Winphoria gets a