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Automation to speed up daily business tasks

Reconciling your Bank account with your own books of account is a weekly, if not a daily activity for most businesses. The need is obvious; control of finances, and getting the most up-to-date information about your funds. There will always be
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Importance of Independent Press and how to fund it.

The importance of free press for protecting freedom, and bringing about accountability in government is obvious. The problem is how to ensure that Free Press is funded while protecting its independence. In this very well presented TED talk, Sasa
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How to start an Incubation center?

Entrepreneurship in India is on the verge of explosive growth. This also throws new opportunities for the eco-system to take shape. Angel investors, venture capital, media, startup clubs, service providers, mentors and training companies
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Social Entrepreneurship - Emerging Scenario in India

With such wide variety of enthusiastic entrepreneurs taking up the responsibility as social entrepreneurs, I am personally very optimistic about the future of the nation. Let me take up few points related to social entrepreneurship: 1. What is
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So, what is the actual value of a company ?

First, a few events - A friend was approached by a VC to fund his idea. He accepted and later on found that the valuation he did was much less than how the VC did it. In other words, the VC had bought his shares cheap. - Another friend
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Who needs a VC and when?

  Mr. Ganesh Rengaswamy - co-founder, Travel Guru, Investment mentor and strategic adviser answers this question and more about  Funding, Valuation and Exits...   Excerpts :   One of the first questions I
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Investing behind successful entrepreneurs

Bill Davidow shares his thoughts and experiences about investing in innovative and creative ideas. He also shared the concept of Six Sigma Entrepreneur. Indian history has shown that India is a land of entrepreneurs. From very early
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Ashish Gupta - Striking it BIG

 Ashish Gupta, MD Helion Ventures Pvt Ltd. Of fame talks about being an entrepreneur and a VC....The dream to make it big is universal and when 5 boys who just finishing school and on the threshold of their lives make it happen,
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A call centre with a difference

The blind don't want to be left behind and have now opened a call centre just for themselves in India's... financial capital, Mumbai (Bombay). Reported by BBC News - UK on 28th May 2007 Read More . 
taro's picture launches its Online Payment Gateway for sales over the Internet:

Paysignet e-Transactions Pvt Ltd, today announced the launch of its Integrated Online Payment Gateway The company aims to enable over 3 million Small and Medium Enterprises in India to sell their products over the Internet