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Build your own miniature food sculptures with this polymer clay kit

Pocket Kitchen by Aiclay is the kit for all burgeoning artists who dream of tiny inedible foods. From cakes to veggies, this comprehensive kit provides all the tools you need to make your cake - but not to eat it too. Read more...More about Art,
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Reason 9,999,999 to hate foodies:"Bowl food"

Bowls have a lot going for them — they're nice to look at, they rarely shatter, and they're uniquely adept at holding chocolate pudding.  It is the nature of the foodie community, however, to destroy good things and replace them with
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We ate some of our favorite foods from childhood to see if they still taste amazing

Remember sitting around the lunch table in 5th grade, sipping Nesquik and bargaining for someone else's strawberry Go-gurt in exchange for a couple of your Lunchable crackers? We thought we could recreate that blissful innocence and happiness again
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Culinary delights: 6 times someone made love to food in a movie

This post is part of Mashable's Masturbation Week. May is National Masturbation Month, so we're celebrating by exploring the many facets of self-love. Human ingenuity is a wonderful thing, pushing us to new heights of innovation and learning,
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Pixar's next short is about food becoming sentient and somehow it's not a horror story

When it comes to taking inherently horrifying premises and turning them into cuddly tearjerkers, Pixar is second to none. Toy Story? Creepy af. Means your toys are watching and judging you all the timeRatatouille? Who wants a rat in the kitchen, let
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Impress your dinner guests with this self-sustaining aquarium that can grow food

Grow beautiful houseplants and produce using your pet fish with this self-sustaining aquaponic aquarium. Get your own AquaSprouts Garden for $169.95 here.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Pets, Aquarium, Garden, and Aquatic
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Sugary cereal is the unsatisfying food I'll love forever

Like most Americans, it takes me at least five bowls of cereal to feel anything close to satisfied. And then, despite everything I've worked for, I'm still forced to eat some rancid-ass banana to satisfy my residual starvation pangs. What a
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Enterprising food blogger figures out how to make wine in an Instant Pot

It's been a long week and you need a glass of wine. Do you: Drive to the nearest wine shop. Visit a local wine bar. Pour some grape juice in an Instant Pot. David Murphy of Food N Service went for the final option, and to hear him tell it, the
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Man eats all the food in 'Lord of the Rings' in tribute to his late father

Second breakfast. Elevenses. Luncheon. Afternoon tea. Dinner. Supper. It was all consumed by one dedicated Lord of the Rings fan, who created a themed 14-course menu that mirrors the food eaten by characters in Peter Jackson's epic film trilogy
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Reinventing Food & Agriculture

From:   By: Vinod Khosla Via: 9/17. Reinventing Societal Infrastructure