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Bharat Goenka - A man with a vision

A talk with Mr.Bharat Goenka, the man behind the most successful IT Products in India - Tally - the defacto accounting software in India. Mr.Bharat Goenka explains with a brief history of how they started, "When we started (
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Dr. Ganesh Natrajan - Constant process of engagement.

      Entrepreneurs always believe that they can do it better than anybody else.    Dr. Ganesh Natrajan has been one of the most successful professionals in the Indian Information Technology Industry
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Pradeep Kar - Tomorrow never Dies...

Pradeep Kar of Microland on Entrepreneurship   Pradeep Kar, firmly believes that more and more entrepreneurs are required for the economic growth of India. Who better to advice and talk about entrepreneurship than this serial
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Sudarshan Maini - Driven with an Electric Mission

An inspiring story of  a confident Entrepreneur, determined to put India on the world map.  Mr. Sudarshan Maini, Founder of the Maini Group. An inspiring story of  a confident Entrepreneur, determined to put India on the world
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Satya Narayan R - Growing with People

    Rs.17,000/- of investment, Rs.96,000/- revenues the first year to Rs.57Crores 10 years later. The story of single minded focus and getting your friends to join your company.   Satya Narayanan R. Chairman of Career
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Paul C - Designing for collaboration

Mr. Paul C. "Pete" Deemer, Chief Product Officer,  Yahoo Software Development India,  Shares his insights on building products for Web2.0 in this interview with Balaji Pasumarthy and Tarachand Wanvari What's your take on
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Nagarajan S - Make this Revolution Work

S Nagarajan Founder and COO of 24/7 Customer in this frank discussion shares his views on the BPO industry. The untapped opportunities for new players, looking at this as a revolution and how we ourselves can bring doom to this industry. What
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Suresh Nair - Transcripting a Path to Success

IIT alumnus & Chemical Engineer Suresh Nair is CEO and MD of Spheris which recently merged with HealthScribe to form the second largest Medical Transcription (MT) company globally. The book ‘The World is Flat' mentions the startup of
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Warwick Brady - Every Rupee - Every minute - COUNTS !

“What would you like to have - Tea, Coffee or water?” welcomed Warwick Brady as we entered his office near the HAL Bangalore airport. And then rather cryptically, just before answering a phone call, said “If you come next month, I
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Dr. Sridhar Mitta - On being an Entrepreneur

Funds, risks, foresight and many more aspects related to entrepreneurship and venture capital has been explained by Dr. Sridhar Mitta, MD and CTO of e4e Labs, in this exclusive interview with Businessgyan Q: How is the Venture Capital (VC)