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Does Corporate Treasury require dedicated software?

The corporate Treasury function is witnessing turbulent changes due to greater uncertainly in the economic environment and increased choices to manage this uncertainty. Relaxation of Forex regulations by RBI and increased competition from imports
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Venture Capital Management Interface: Nurturing it

It is a complex relationship that is at the very core of the new entrepreneurial-economy axis. This interface at times also consists of mutually conflicting interests. Bringing out the essence of making and managing this relationship and
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Is Venture Capital worth the effort or cost?

  Most would agree that Venture capital or Risk Capital as being one of the key factors behind the entrepreneurship explosion we have witnessed in India. But moving beyond that experience there is a pertinent question that waits to be
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How to manage surplus funds? - a guide

Even in these tough times (and more so in the better times) many companies are often left with surplus funds in their accounts. These funds are often not leveraged to increase the company’s rate of return. In this article, we have tried to
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Hey finance honchos - figure out whether you fit in?

Who said finance is boring? And finance people are mere number crunchers? We beg to differ and this article is just about that. Read on and discover there is more to finance guys than rimmed spectacles, grey hair and excel spreadsheets. Because most
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Interesting myths and realities about employee retention

As of now, with the tech slowdown and stock market crash, times are tough, so there is no problem getting employees to stick. However with demand expected to remain for good knowledge workers, the problem of retention will intensify in future.
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Applying to be a STPI Unit and procedure for custom bonding

In Bangalore, with its pre-eminence of IT companies and IT-enabled service providers, the setting up of the facility involves first applying to be a STP (Software Technology Park) unit to take advantage of the various facilities and benefits
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Appointment of Marketing Agencies The legal perspective

Most overseas companies interested in investing in the Indian market take the route of appointing an Indian firm to represent their interests in the initial stages. The logic being that this would allow the overseas company enough time to study the
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A guide to protect your Intellectual Property Rights

It is a topic over which not just companies but even entire nations fight. And with globalization becoming an irreversible reality to contend with protecting IPR is top priority for any knowsledge-driven organization. More so building an impressive
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Fund Buzz, a Chennai, India-based ASP of e-mail and messaging services, has received undisclosed funding from Intel Capital.   Net Brahma spins of and gets $2 million in funding from JP Morgan.   Winphoria gets a