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Accounting - true and fair, for whom?

With the coming to light of various accounting scams in the USA, of which we are so used to in India, I felt it would be appropriate to share some thoughts on accounting for success in business.   At the outset, we must try to answer
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Building a productive relatioship with banks a guide

In the Indian context, it is imperative for many businesses to approach banks for raising capital considering venture capital is still not available to all businesses. Thus for many a SME, bank financing is critical and this article tries to outline
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Intellectual property rights & e-commerce: The legal perspective

As the Internet continues its remarkable expansion, its capacity to disseminate information, knowledge and content has propelled the intellectual property system to the center of an unending debate over the future shape of the online world. In this
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Top IT Sales Myths of 2002

As the saying goes, it is easier to digest facts than myths and the same is true of correction too. In this backdrop, I felt it would be of immense benefit to many a sales professional to highlight some myths circulating as facts for what they are
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Services Export – Brief statutory and legal perspectives

  It is by now well known and documented that the services sector would be amongst the fastest growing segments of the industry and services firms will dominate the economic landscape hitherto. Another interesting aspect is that despite the
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Small legal details not to be missed

There is this one brilliant idea that you believe in and deep down you know it will work, so despite all odds, you take the plunge. You start off on your own and you make it work, you have started your own business and you have survived for a year.
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Foreign Exchange - A detailed guide for businesses

While there has been a change in the foreign exchange procedures and its legal complications for the better, there are still many questions unanswered in the minds of executives and businessmen who travel abroad for various official purposes. In
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Outsourcing Statutory Compliance Responsibilities

Ramesh Vasudevan was a seriously worried man. His meeting with the Labour Inspector had not gone well. The man had been belligerent, not listening to reason. How would it be physically possible to deploy enough people to check all 25 units, that too
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Economy making sense of it

  The economy is booming and for an Entrepreneur or a CEO while feeling charged up on the growing market place, several uncertainties prop up while taking expansion and investment decisions. Here are some views from Prof. Shyamal Roy of IIM
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Venture Creation

  Presented below are excerpts form the speech made at the recent TiE ( IndUs Entrepreneurs) meet at Bangalore by Prakash Bhalerao, Serial entrepreneur. Angel investor & VC. Prakash Bhalerao, is Chairman of highly sought after Silicon