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10 tips to thrive in turbulent times

With the extraordinary set of events unfolding across the world, I'm sure it has been a dampener on every front. What are business people to do in these tough times? I thought I'd share some tips and strategies that have helped me in tough
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smart tax tip

By reading the title you will be thinking that there is no tax on long term capital gain on shares then what is the relation between tax saving and long term capital loss? But after reading the next few lines you will definitely understand the trick
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Cost Cutting Technique in This Recession Time

  As we all know we are going through a tough period, most of the IT companies were going for Layoff as a cost cutting technique. Is this really solving their problem? If you think twice the answer is a big NO. This is the time we have to
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The Global Financial Meltdown:- Will Optimists Win?

The global financial meltdown has taken most people, global leaders, economists, business by surprise. How will this pan out, how deep or how long will its effects last is a matter of speculation. I came across some very interesting data and
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Helping hand from Banks

What kinds of banking options are available nowadays when credit is tight?   There are few options at a micro or a macroeconomic level, apart from twiddling your thumbs and hoping for the best, even during the normal cyclical and
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Make your money grow

The financial products are the same for men and women. There is no gender bias in investments. A large part of financial planning is finding an asset allocation that is appropriate for a given person in terms of their appetite for and ability to
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Addressing hot properties

There is a need for a Smart Home concept which is all about reasonable resale value, compact yet comfortable space and quality of amenities. Real estate has emerged as one of India's fastest growing sectors, with a 30% annual growth rate.
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SSI in its new avatar – MSME

With the emergence of The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act in June 2006, things are set to change for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). It helps improves cashflows for MSMEs by providing for a penal interest for delayed
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Short Selling and Making Money in a Bear Market

Short selling is "buy low and sell high" concept that is the key to earn money in the stock market. Learn in detail about this money making mantra in stock market. Investors tend to flock to bull markets - where the price of nearly
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Investment Tips

King-sized returns necessitate a winner's strategy Quit scrounging for hard-to-come-by ‘sure' tips that will help you improve your stock market returns. Instead, adopt a winner's approach to investing, and assure yourself of