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How the dominoes in Alex Jones' social media empire all fell at once

Life comes at you fast. Over the course of just 24 hours, tech companies have pulled InfoWars head honcho Alex Jones' biggest digital soapboxes out from under him. This near-simultaneous action occurred quickly and in tandem — and only after
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NPR meant to hail 'the year of the woman' in Mexico and promptly fell on an ass

It may be a terrible year for the United States, but in Mexico, 2018 is "el año de la mujer" — the year of the woman. A recent report from National Public Radio highlighted the abundance of women running for elected office in the
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This attempt at making a giant macaron fell flat, literally

Have you ever tried to follow a recipe from Instagram or Pinterest, only for it to go horribly wrong? The YouTubers behind Hellthy Junk Food attempted to recreate Tasty's giant macaron. In the original version, chefs are able to whip up a massive
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A BBC presenter fell in a swimming pool on live TV and took it like a champ

Mind the step. SEE ALSO: BBC Dad makes a beautiful, earnest commitment to us all BBC Breakfast presenter Mike Bushell was interviewing the England swimming team about the Commonwealth Games on Wednesday morning when, all of a sudden, a wild swimming
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Even Steve Wozniak said he fell victim to a bitcoin scam

Like a growing number of people, Steve Wozniak has been stung by a cryptocurrency scam. The Apple co-founder told the Economic Times of India that he had seven bitcoins stolen from him via fraud.  SEE ALSO: How to calculate the exact amount of