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Pinstriped is a service that's built to make meetings more productive — and it's on sale

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone finds long meetings absolutely abhorrent. A supposedly brief meeting that has been stretched on for hours because your co-workers can't stop babbling? That's basically the bane of everyone's
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The Right Way to Respond to Negative Feedback

How to turn upsetting or surprising information into helpful and productive data.
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With Practice and the Right Approach, Feedback Can Be a Gift

Annual performance reviews are controversial. Some people praise them in public, but most hate them in private. For starters, they are a waste of time  —  that’s why many companies are ditching annual reviews. Also, research
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The Importance of Constant Candidate Feedback

The lack of feedback given to candidates by today’s recruitment or sourcing professionals is quite appalling. I understand why a significant portion of the global population has an intense dislike for our profession. You can ask pretty much
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Uber will track even more about your trip with new mid-ride feedback

Instead of waiting until you're safely at your destination to let Uber know your driver was on the phone the whole time (or, alternatively, the most attentive listener with killer dinner suggestions), the ride-hailing app is letting you share your
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The trap of listening to feedback

"If I listened to feedback, I would have quit on the first day." You're devoting your life to making something important. Something helpful. Something that matters. Mostly, something that hasn't been done before, that's going to bend the curve and
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It’s Expensive to Not Provide Candidates Feedback

The recruiting process is essential for every business as it helps in finding the right talents that are going to help the company grow and be more successful. And as all business owners know, finding these talents is not an...
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Get Better Ideas, Higher Engagement and Even Improve Your Managers By Encouraging 2-Way Feedback

Every successful relationship works via a careful process of give and take. We need to learn how to express ourselves, our ideas, and our interests. Equally, though, we need to really listen. Proactive listening can prevent a lot of issues...
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The One Word That’ll Make Asking for Honest Feedback Less Scary

From: Via: The One Word That’ll Make Asking for Honest Feedback Less Scary #influence #psychology